Friday, July 14th

At Top of the Towers, guests dance and mingle. Nikki accepts Scott’s congratulations (on such a successful benefit) then asks Vikki what’s wrong. Uh oh – it seems both Nick and Victor are missing.

In the underground parking garage, Victor slams Nick’s car door shut to accuse him of trying to ruin his Mother’s evening. Nick knows Victor’s only trying to control Nikki (and the rest of the family) again – enjoy your little triumph, it won’t happen this time, he warns.

Hannah sent home, Phyllis wonders if Vikki’s OK with her being there. Billy points out that Vikki doesn’t want the kids spending the night at their place but didn’t say anything about her house. Yes, Billy’s ‘sure about this’ – with Vikki at the concert, this is a perfect time for Phyllis to meet the kids.

Told not to worry (by her Mom) Vikki returns to representing the family with fake happiness. Abby also having no idea where Victor is, Nikki goes to search (as Jack watches her)

Hilary and Howard hide as the camera captures Nick calling his Dad arrogant and heartless. Victor replies with a grunt and a punch to Nick’s face.

In the motel, Kevin’s plan is to get them out of town – away from Dr Harris and Victor. He’s online making Chloe a fake ID under the generic name ‘Helen Jones’

The camera still rolling, Howard and Hilary still watching, Victor again reacts physically to Nick’s verbal onslaught. And when Nikki arrives, Victor’s quick to tattle – Your son nearly ruined your concert – tell her son! Tell her! I shorted out the sound board, Nick admits (because he saw his Mom suffering) Nikki’s furious – I don’t need to be saved! Nick was sickened by Victor’s charade of a noble cause. Victor’s sick of Nick’s hypocrisy. As of tonight, you’re no longer my son. You got sucked in again, Nick tells his Mom that he won’t watch it anymore. And with a squeal of tires, he’s gone.

Not overly concerned, Victor hopes Nikki’s alright and thinks he better get back to the party before people wonder where they are. Left to have a moment to herself, Nikki’s immediately joined by Jack (who seems genuinely concerned – you OK?) Please get me out of here, Nikki tears up as Jack puts his jacket around her shoulders and leads her off.

Johnny and Katie not enthused about playing games with her, Phyllis will just go over here and play her new elephant game on her tablet. Katie and Johnny start to look tempted as they cling to Billy.