Wednesday, July 12th

Among the press, Howard balances a video-camera that weighs more than he does as Hilary starts her red carpet interviews with an an awkward and uninteresting Reed.

Backstage, Abby’s ranting about Victor telling her to find another sound company. You shouldn’t have needed Dad to tell you that, Vikki further infuriates her tightly wound sister (who then marches off when Tessa asks what time she’s to take the stage)

In her makeshift dressing room, Nikki’s horrified by that fact that she might not even make it to the piano bench. Nick wants to focus on the after-party. Chelsea also remains optimistic as Victor comes along to order Nick to announce that the show will begin – on time – as promised.

In Dina’s suite, Graham doesn’t seem at all troubled that she’ll be spending a lovely evening with her son. Yes, Graham IS charming – that’s why you keep me around. Among other reasons, Dina quips. Jack arrives – sorry you won’t be joining us, he grins at Graham. No, I’m not, he admits.

It’s photo-time at Sharon’s. She and Devon are acting like Mariah’s never worn a dress and applied make up before.

Backstage, Victor assures Nikki that her performance will be magnificent. I’m no quitter, he growls at Nick.

Abby rapid-fire updates Tessa (who now understands why she’s so stressed out) There’s a sound crew coming from Madison but Mr Pittman has no intention of sticking around. How much would it cost for you to stay? Victor asks. Is that a bribe!? Victor ignores that question to repeat his own.

When Abby tries to smooth things over, Victor warns her – don’t ever apologize for me. You should have hired another crew immediately. Get this show started, he orders.

Back on the red carpet, Reed squirms as his Mom gushes to Hilary that he inherited his Grandma’s musical gene and performs at Underground. Interview over, Vikki updates her son that things aren’t going well but Abby’s not interested in her help.