Friday, July 28th

Cane hugs Lily; having you in my arms means everything to me. Lily’s hurt – but would rather teach the twins about forgiveness than breaking up the family. The worst is behind us, she wants to believe. Believe it – because it is, Cane assures.

Billy now suspects Jesse was paid to delete footage that could have cleared him. Jesse’s still waiting to hear how much this info’s worth to Billy.

Abby’s getting some sun on her back, her bikini undone when Zack comes along to apply sunscreen. Judging by Abby’s face he’s doing a good job of it.

Chelsea joins Nick at Underground as he’s looking over a list of potential new clubs. This isn’t about making a point to my Dad, it’s about making a point to my son.

Paul’s at the crisis line centre as Sharon’s about to get to work. He even has Chris looking into this. Yes, Sharon knows she’s not responsible for doing anything more – but she won’t let this go either (and hopes Crystal calls back in)

Paul updates Sharon that no one named Crystal has called the crisis line since she worked last (news that worries her even more) There are a lot of other people who need help, Sharon understands, and so jumps on the phones as Paul leaves.

Yeah, Cane’s OK – just grateful for Lily’s support. Now he needs to get another job (and would have one if it weren’t for Vikki) Let’s focus on us and our family, Lily’s saying as Mattie comes home to rave about her first day interning at HWG. When Lily moves towards the laptop to email her Dad, Cane barks out – don’t touch that!

Who gave you the order to delete that footage? Billy leans menacingly over Jesse as Hilary arrives on the patio to assume that Jesse’s harassing him for a job (which won’t happen at GC Buz) No, we were discussing what happened in LA. Jesse’s busy texting Cane a photo of Billy – if you want pay I know someone who will.

Her bikini now done up, Abby’s impressed with the way Zack’s streamlined the app. He has a confession to make – he didn’t just bump into Abby – he saw on faceplace that she was at the club. Abby’s eyes light up at the thought of being cyber stalked but surprised to hear that Zack’s there to discuss business.

Chelsea’s sorry she brought up Victor – it’s nice to hear Nick excited about his project with Noah; she supports him 100% and wishes she had new ideas to reinvent her brand. Jordan appears – with something in mind. For some reason he and Nick fist bump.

Why can’t Mom use the computer? Mattie asks. Cane doesn’t want to start his virus scan all over again. Mattie takes Lily off to her room for advice on what to wear to work tomorrow. I meant what I said before, Lily she pauses to tell Cane (who’s then left to fret over Jesse’s text)

Nick tending to some deliveries, Jordan shares his big idea with Chelsea – be the exclusive provider of Hilary’s on-air wardrobe (Look what Cher did for Bob Mackie) That’s a great idea, Chelsea gives Jordan a goodbye hug then relays the idea to Nick (who’s not a big fan of Hilary) This could be huge for me. Yes, of course, Nick can just be happy for Chelsea (but doesn’t look it)