Monday, July 31st

On the patio, Billy convinces Jesse that he went to GC Buzz and saw the footage that he supposedly deleted. This is my turf – the DA and police chief are good friends of mine. Start talking or do I start making calls? Jesse looks terrified.

Lily calls the bank wondering what happened to their savings account. A transfer? When? Cane comes home to an accusing glare. What have you done? Lily wants to know.

Toweling off on the rooftop, Abby seems relieved when Ashley’s arrival interrupts Zack raving about their kiss.

At Underground, Sharon and Scott discuss Crystal calling in again. Paul’s right – I need to let the police handle this, Sharon realizes, but is haunted.

Meanwhile, in the alleyway, Nick stoops down to reassure Crystal. It’s OK – I’ll help you. Eyes wide, the scared girl him to lead her away from the garbage by her hand.

Back in the club, Nick tells Chelsea that he found a girl who’s really scared and clearly hiding from someone. Of course, Chelsea will go to her ~kiss~

In Nick’s office/store room, Chelsea introduces herself to Crystal. What happened? You seem scared. Is there someone I can call? No! Crystal heads for the door.

You really have to ask (why I’m acting this way)? an incredulous Jordan points out that Lily’s trying to hold everything together – this commercial was a big deal. You snaked it. Excuse me? HER commercial? Hilary knows the Ashby’s aren’t hurting for cash.

Faced with Lily’s questions, Cane compounds his lies – he made a short term investment. It’ll be worthwhile, he promises.

Bringing Jesse into Vikki’s office, Billy explains that he had a meeting with their favourite ex-employee, Cane. Jesse either talks to the police or he can talk to them (and be paid off by Vikki)

Zack brings over lemonade, makes lighthearted comments about the punch-up at the benefit, then (when Abby excuses herself to take a call) is left to chat with Ashley. So tell me about yourself, she smiles.