Thursday, July 27th

Cane’s online looking frowning at his bank account and thinking about Jesse’s demand for 25K when the twins enter bickering as they’re about to head off for their first day of internship at Hamilton Winters. Charlie tattles that Mattie wasn’t out studying last night. Oh? The movies? Who’d you go with? Anyone I know?

On the rooftop, Billy talks to Reed about his Mom’s health – the doctor said she needs to avoid stress. Have you met my Mother? Reed jokes.

Also on the rooftop, Lily orders a Bloody Mary and whines to Jordan – she and the kids are confused and angry, Cane’s unemployed still. Am I strong enough to handle all this? she receives a pat on the back – literally.

Neil and Devon love their new office and flashy logo at the club (in what appears to be Lily’s old office) Today we put the family company on the map, they do a bro shake.

Sharon’s surprised when Nick comes in to decline his usual – the new Nick Newman is bolder and braver – he’s going big or going home.

When Nick tells Sharon all about Noah’s idea to open up a chain of Undergrounds, she wonders if this has to do with the fight with Victor. Yes, but in a good way. Nick wants to be the Dad he never had. On the subject of Tessa, Sharon’s luke warm. Nick comments that Newman men have a history of finding trouble wrapped up in pretty packages.

Mariah’s flashing back to Tessa calling her ‘incredible’ when the object of her daydream arrives at GC Buzz full of jokes about the absentee Hilary and a confession to make.

Back on the rooftop, Reed and Billy chuckle about Vikki. Of course, Billy still cares – we’re family no matter what. Spotting Lily, he asks about Mattie. Reed’s not really sure what their status is – Mom firing her Dad doesn’t make things easy.

Cane tries overly hard to get his disinterested kids to interact with him. After Charlie leaves, he chats with Mattie. She can’t pretend things are normal but asks how the job search is going. Cane had a job but Vikki killed it.

Devon brings in a giant fruit basket from Dina (who’s only an elevator ride away if needed) Yes, and so’s Hilary. Devon’s keeping things civil because his girlfriend works for her. Neil knows better – and if Devon doesn’t think his unresolved feelings for Hilary are a problem, THAT’S an even bigger problem.

Tessa’s confession? She’s never been on a plane before. Mariah sings the praises of flying in a private jet. Noah will be holding your hand the entire time, she seems almost jealous as she continues to mention him.

Nick arrives at Underground to update Noah that he told Sharon the news. Noah shows him some potential locations online. Nick’s ready to use some of his ‘trust’ but won’t let Noah touch his; you’re the brains, I’m the wallet. Go have fun at the festival with Tessa. Are you and Mom willing to give her a chance? Noah asks.

As Cane rants ‘n raves about Vikki (who’s as ruthless as her Father) Mattie answers the door – can I help you? she asks Jesse.