Tuesday, August 8th

Sorry dear readership – for some reason my recording didn’t catch the first 15-20 minutes of today’s show. I’ll try to update it later.

In Dina’s suite, Jack doesn’t see why his Mother should retire – come work at Jabot. Doing what? Consulting/marketing. You’d have a special project. Dina’s not interested in Jack’s charity or pity.

Over a bottle of wine at Lily’s place, Abby plays the role of supportive friend. Lily’s struggling to keep it together for the kids. Rest, excersize – and call me if you need someone to listen, Abby invites – day or night. Promise? Yes, promise ~hug~

Charlie gives his Dad the cold shoulder on the rooftop – what else has he done to make Mom throw him out? What could be worse than getting a random woman pregnant? I’ve made some mistakes, Cane admits – Mom needs space and time to think. He hopes they can work through this. What if Mom wants a divorce? She’s better off without you, Charlie marches off.

Jack’s felt a range of emotions towards his Mother – but never pity. Come work at Jabot – we can learn from each other – Jack would be proud to work alongside his Mother. Come on. Dina would like that very much ~hug~ When Graham returns, Jack leaves Dina to give him the good news. That’s not possible – tell him you’ve changed your mind, Graham orders.

At CL’s, Sharon gets a call from Crystal. She can’t talk long and is in enough trouble – the cops can’t come. Sharon will come alone. Crystal gives her the name of the motel and room number then hangs up and hides her phone when a man comes out of the shower to throw some cash on the bed. Sharon looks up the motel’s address.

Don’t you have an app to launch? Abby says when she bumps into Zack on the CL’s patio. With the launch set for tonight, Zack’s bought a new car. Abby’s a big fan of shopping and after her visit with Lily wants an open and honest relationship with Zack (who takes her hand and agrees)

The bottle of wine empty, Lily looks at the tuition reminder letter and calls Walnut Grove to ask for an extension. Your husband came in and took care of it a while ago, she’s told.

Why’d you do it? Did you plan to get my Dad drunk and into bed? Charlie confronts Juliet. No, Cane was jet-lagged – Juliet’s sorry. Charlie will save Juliet if she’s drowning only because it’s his job – he and Mattie want nothing to do with her or her kid. Without further word, he marches out the club’s revolving door.