Tuesday, August 8th

Over dinner, Jordan makes a case for Lily leaving Cane. Hilary feels for those kids. Not enough to let Lily have that commercial, Jordan gripes. Hilary has a proposition – you’ll like it.

In Jack’s office, Ashley invites Ravi to the Abbott cabin. We can’t let Jack have all the fun up there. Jack then arrives to report that Dina accepted the job offer – but won’t be pitied. She’ll start on the loading dock, he jokes. But seriously, Dina will be working on a special project (to be determined) Ravi will be Dina’s point person – and Ashley has some advice for Jack.

Jack doesn’t want you at Jabot – he wants you away from me, Graham worries about Jack’s loyalties. Dina disagrees – she’s capable of taking on a project of two. Graham has her best interests at heart – what about the stress. Dina finds this conversation stressful and boring – I won’t change my mind.

Through glass, Mariah watches at Tessa confides in Noah (who delivers a pep talk – you earned this – grab it and hold on tight) Mariah watches as they hug. Tessa announces that she’s ready to turn this night around.

Crystal lets Sharon in only to say she can’t be here – my client just left – they’ll be here soon. Come with me, Sharon will keep Crystal safe – let me help you. They’re about to leave when a big thug blocks the exit – who the hell are you??

Hilary suggests a do-over of LA (in New York) Room service, Broadway she entices. Jordan realizes it’s not an invitation to be with Hilary so much as an attempt to keep him away from Lily. No, Hilary could use the support while filming this commercial. You’ll be just fine, you always are, Jordan sighs and walks out on Hilary and his half eaten dinner.

Lily calls Cane to ask how he paid the twins tuition. He sold his car. You loved that car. Yes, but Cane needed to make this right. OK – goodnight, Lily hangs up. Both look deep in thought.

Ashley reminds Jack that Dina’s put herself first for decades. Jack’s sure she won’t let us down. Ashley hopes not – for his sake.

After her bubble bath, Dina plans to make a smoothie in her own juicer. Graham will leave her to it.

As Devon, Mariah and Noah smile on the other side of the glass, Tessa nails her song and comes out to applause. Let’s go celebrate, Mariah’s excited (while Tessa discreetly checks her phone and sees 3 missed calls)

The client wanted a threesome, Crystal claims. Sharon’s husband had his turn and is gone but she wants more time with the girl. You’re done here, the thug yanks Crystal out to a car and squeals the tires as he speeds off. Sharon can only watch helplessly from the parking lot.

Next: I’ve heard what you’ve done – I just wish I knew what you were thinking, Chris scolds Sharon as she walks into the motel room (Scott there also) … I dunno. Maybe there’s something there. Maybe we should give it a try, Vikki tries to sell her Mom on Hawkman…. I honestly like Vikki – I’m not trying to exploit her, Ben insists. Every man has his price, Jack knows.