Wednesday, August 9th

OK. So I apparently only missed the first 3 minutes of today’s show. Yay me!

At Underground, Nick tells Chelsea that he has his own ways of handling things with his Father.

Vikki’s just finished negotiating a discount with a key supplier when her Mom arrives at the club. BnS is under financial strain but no, Vikki’s not going back to work – she has a second date with a man she apparently hit it off with. You’re not sure? Nikki’s puzzled.

On the rooftop, Ben wonders if Jack’s stalking him. No, but Jack was the one who sent Vikki flowers on his behalf. Ben genuinely likes Vikki – he’s not looking to exploit her or sink his teeth into her company. Every man has his price, Jack says knowingly.

Working across from one another in Jack’s office, Ravi sends Ashley a satellite image of the Abbott cabin. She points out the spot she fell off a tire swing and looks forward to them going there tomorrow. Ashley then invites Ravi to dinner with Abby and Zack. She wants him to have a look at the app – but this isn’t business, it’s a date.

At Sharon’s, Mariah and Noah try to cheer Tessa up as she’s very focused on charging her phone. Expecting a call? Mariah and Noah are increasingly concerned.

Scott bursts into the motel room – are you OK?? Sharon updates him that she’s find and has given her statement to the police – Crystal is the one in trouble. A scary guy took her. As Scott chides Sharon, Chris marches in with a much harsher tone. What were you thinking?

Scott defends Sharon – who’s lambasted some more by Chris (Paul’s away on assignment) What were you thinking getting mixed up in something like this? Sharon had no time to call for help. You could have been hurt or kidnapped, Chris scolds. Did Crystal tell you anything about this sex ring that’s on it’s way to town? Find Crystal and you can blow this thing wide open, Sharon suggests.

Needing to get to Underground, Noah reassures Tessa that she did great in the recording studio. Tessa thanks him with a kiss (as Mariah squirms)

Vikki wasn’t quite herself with this guy the other night – in fact, she hasn’t felt like herself in a while. Maybe it’s stress. She was flattered by this man’s interest and opened up to him (even about Billy) He wasn’t scared off and sent flowers the next day. The night was a bit fuzzy but maybe there’s something there. Benjamin Hawkman? Nikki vaguely recognizes the name and is left to look concerned.

Back on the rooftop, Jack knows Hawkman’s MO – buying distressed companies to sell them off in pieces. Ben’s seen no signs that BnS is distressed. There’s tons of companies he can make money off – there’s only one Victoria Newman. How noble, Jack scoffs. He wants to hire Ben as a consultant to feed him info on BnS; product launches, cost, vulnerabilities. Ben chortles – during pillow talk? No – Jack wants inside intelligence with documentation. Ben’s intrigued but what does he get out of this besides money? A powerful ally who never forgets a favour. Deal made, Jack and Ben shake hands.