Thursday, August 10th

At the tackhouse, Chelsea comes down blathering about paint colours for a surprise redecoration of Faith’s bedroom. Frowning at a family photo that includes Victor, Nick isn’t looking forward to tolerating Faith’s close bond with her Grandpa.

Victor’s called in a photographer to update the executive headshots – tell Scott to wear a suit. Oh, you mean his only suit, Abby bristles at being relegated to fashion police. Greeting Nikki on her way out, Abby leaves Victor to learn that Nikki has a new address. She’s moved out of the ranch. Oh really – Victor hadn’t noticed.

** No time for spellcheck or proofreading today folks. But hey – I recorded and recapped the whole thing. So there’s that **

A bare chested Scott comes down to find Sharon checking the police blotter and hospital reports online. Poor Crystal’s out there – she has no one. She has you, Scott gives her a hug.

Zack meets Tessa on the patio. She’s desperate and needs help – Crystal’s in deep trouble.

As Graham fusses, Dina primps for her first day on the job. No thanks – she doesn’t need a drive. I’ve already arranged a car.

Ashley won’t be able to oversee Mom – she’s busy and will be sequestered most of the day. Ravi wrestles a huge paddleboard into the office – ready to head to the lake?

Ravi sides with Jack – Ashley should be here for Dina’s first day. After he leaves them to hash it out, Dina arrives. As she’s lead around by Jack and Ashley, Gloria’s given her coffee order – with almond milk.

What? Scott barks into his phone when Abby calls to relay Victor’s orders to wear a suit for photos. She’s sure her tech incubator will outdo is digital whatever it is.

Tessa confides in Zack that she has a sister who’s been forced into prostitution – can’t he use his contacts to find her? Zack cut all ties – he has a new life now. Go to the cops. Keep the faith. Thanks for listening, Tessa heads for the door. Zack wishes her good luck then is left to make a call – things have changed, we need to move right away.

At Underground, Noah updates Mariah that Nikki left Victor – is it OK if Tessa moves from the main house to Sharon’s? Mariah looks like a deer in the headlights.

Scott gripes to Sharon about Abby’s attitude. There’s rules of protocol you should follow, Sharon asks Scott to strip down (which he does)