Friday, August 11th

Guess what paperboy? Abby boasts about the successful app launch then lobs a few insults about Scott being unqualified. She almost didn’t recognize him without the beard.

You’re kicking me out of my home, Nick states the obvious. It’s MY home, Victor corrects – you’re no longer my son. This is cruel, even for you, Nick scowls. You’ve lived on my property for years, that ends today, Victor’s firm.

Billy accosts Ben at the club. He sees through Ben’s attempt to get at BS – and Vikki sees it too. That’s not the impression Ben got last night when he took Vikki out dancing.

Reed’s at BnS to whine that his Mom’s never home anymore and he can’t believe Charlie and Mattie were the ones to tell him Juliet’s pregnant. Sorry but Vikki guesses that Reed’s main concern is being embarrassed in front of Mattie.

Hilary makes a pest of herself trying to ingratiate herself to Mattie. Perhaps ‘sweetie’ would like a tour of the station? How are you doing? Hilary attempts again – I know everything. Guessing Hilary wants the ‘scoop’ on how her parents are doing, Mattie packs up her books and heads to the CL’s patio.

On the rooftop, Cane suggests taking Charlie for their traditional back to school shopping. Naw – Charlie already has everything he needs. Who’d you go with? Cane wonders. I took him, Lily appears to announce.

Don’t blame her, Charlie leaves Cane and Lily to agree that it’s ‘too soon’. He wants nothing to do with me, Cane whines. Lily hopes Cane won’t come down hard on Charlie if he doesn’t make the football team. She’s fine with him dropping by for some things later (she won’t be home) Cane has a meeting with a head hunter today – but his biggest wish is for Lily to trust him again.

At the club’s bar, Billy interrogates Ben – who thinks Vikki smart, fun and single. He cares about her – we have a lot in common. How sweet, so this attraction has nothing to do with her company huh? Pointing out that Billy’s living with his girlfriend, Ben thinks he’d be a hypocrite to expect Vikki to behave like a nun. How do you know I have a girlfriend? Vikki told me.

If anyone should feel bad it’s Cane. It’s great that Reed wants to help Mattie – but how friendly are you two? Given what’s transpired, Vikki thinks Reed should see a little less of Mattie – just until things settle down with her family. As Vikki speaks animatedly on the phone, Reed gets a text from Mattie (inviting him over since she has the house to herself)

Jordan drops by the penthouse to announce that Victor’s hired him to take updated headshots of him and the staff. Be yourself, you’ll be fine, Chelsea assures. She’s neutral where Victor’s concerned and Nick gets that; independence makes a relationship stronger, don’t you agree?