Monday, August 14th

Cane’s not happy to come home to find Mattie and Reed doing what looks to be more than ‘just hangin’ out’. And after Reed leaves, Cane’s clear – I don’t want that boy in this house.

Vikki’s back from her appointment with the bank with bad news – BnS isn’t a good risk for a bridge loan so they must cut their budget. When Lily arrives at the office, Vikki rushes out on a mission – Billy following to ask what her plan is. She’ll let him know if it works.

Noah and Tessa come back to Sharon’s with her luggage. You’re welcome to stay as long as you need, Sharon knows Mariah will be happy (which she appears to agree with) See? It’s gonna be great, Noah hugs Tessa (as Mariah looks uncomfortable as usual)

Scott wonders why Abby’s at the office so late – and distracted. My Dad gave me this, she holds out a key to Nick’s house. He wants me to move in. What will you do? Scott asks.

Having put Connor to bed, Chelsea rejoins Nick – who wonders if she’s ready for the next step; moving in together.

That boy’s not allowed in this house, Cane reiterates. Mattie points out that it’s not Reed’s fault that his Mom fired you – you lied to all of us. If she can’t have Reed at the house she’ll see him at his house, the park or CL’s. Seeing that boy’s a mistake, Cane won’t budge. You had unprotected sex with someone you barely know, Mattie shuts her Dad up.

At BnS, Lily updates Billy that Cane’s staying at Jill’s estate. She’s glad to have work to keep her busy. About that – the Dare campaign’s on hold, Billy suggests Lily have her agent get her other work. Wishing it were that easy, Lily gives Billy a hug and leaves.

Chelsea hesitates – it’s so much change; for us and the kids – especially Faith. Nick thinks she’ll be OK with it – but understands if Chelsea needs more time. Plus, this is the home she shared with Adam.

Tessa and Sharon have a nice heart to heart – Noah and Mariah think the world of you. They then discuss Crystal (who Sharon worries about terribly and hopes to hear from again) After Noah and Sharon head into town, Tessa agonizes over her phone.

Vikki’s at NE looking for Victor. Abby doesn’t know where he is and has shocking news for her sister – Dad kicked Nick off the ranch property.

Nick has no problem getting his own place – he doesn’t want to crowd Chelsea (and again mentions Adam) Chelsea wants Nick, Christian and Faith in her home. The answer is yes ~kiss~ A happy Nick goes to fetch his boxes and Christian.