Tuesday, August 15th

Jack praises his Mother on her first day at Jabot and credits Ashley with her being assigned to a special project. She’s at the Abbott cabin – a ‘rustic hell’ you hated, Jack wants his Mom to admit.

At the cabin, memories of her Father make Ashley smile.

At Sharon’s, Tessa tells Mariah that she hasn’t seen her sister Crystal in a long time – she hoped to earn enough money to get her away from their abusive family. Now she’s on the streets. No, Tessa had no idea Crystal had gotten caught up in this lifestyle.

Scott’s with Sharon at CL’s – his plan is to answer the pimps’ ad in the paper and become Crystal’s next client.

Ignoring their dinner, Vikki has a proposition for Ben but is interrupted by a call from Billy. Is that Hawkman? Billy sputters. What are you planning? Vikki!? Hung up on, Billy tosses some paperwork at the door as Victor saunters in to ask if he’s having a bad day.

Dina never cared for the cabin. Jack recalls his Mother spending most of her time at the country club. Picking up a framed photo of John, Dina hears how much the cabin meant to the kids – it was a place to get away from the sadness at home.

Ashley sits to watch a scene unfold in the cabin – her Father telling her that Mom isn’t coming home. I’ll take care of you, young Ashley had reassured with a hug. Ravi appears to find Ashley crying over the memory.

Tessa tells Mariah that Crystal called her right before the recording session to say she needed help – then someone hung up. When she heard that Sharon had gone to help a hooker named Crystal, it was like a punch in the gut. Tessa knows her sister is terrified and is heartbroken that she failed to protect her. Mariah hugs her weepy friend.

Back at CL’s, Scott calls the number and requests a full body massage. Thanks, he hangs up. Worried, Sharon wants to go along. No, Scott’s been in more dangerous situations ~kiss~ He leaves Sharon to fret.

Ashley turns her frown upside down to make a joke about not eating mushrooms that might be poisonous. Ravi was an Eagle Scout with a merit badge in mushrooms – what he plans to do with his harvest is a surprise. Ashley’s had so much fun – her Dad loved it here. What was Dina like here? Ravi asks.