Wednesday, August 16th

Wearing a maternity dress, Juliet chats to Hilary (who’s back from a business trip) Seeing Cane looking all glum, a sympathetic Juliet approaches – hey you, mind if I sit? Swollen feet. The pregnancy’s going well and Juliet’s pleased to hear that Cane has a job interview – his life might be about to turn around.

In the HWG office, Lily thanks her Dad but doesn’t need a loan – she’s asked Barry to find her some work. She’ll do whatever it takes to get the family through this. Neil wonders where things stand with Cane.

At BnS, Billy’s sorry he told Victor that the company’s in trouble. Vikki hasn’t signed Hawkman’s contract yet. Oh? He pull a fast one? No, it wasn’t him, it was me, Vikki replies.

Benjamin’s in Jack’s office to relay that Cane’s eager to hand over dirt on BnS. He could be useful, Jack agrees but isn’t sure he’s worth the trouble.

Graham joins Dina after correcting her report on the Parker project – a few typos and some figures that were off. Dina’s grateful – she’ll make sure Jack gets his corrected version. It’s YOUR version, Graham’s gracious.

In the living room, Ashley and Ravi agree they had quite a night. He has no regrets but does Ashley think it was a mistake?

Neil and Lily discuss Cane selling his car in a bid to make amends. It won’t matter much since Lily and the kids have to see Juliet’s baby bump all over town. Charlie’s furious with his Dad and Mattie’s not far behind (after Cane caught her with Reed) Lily’s not sure how she feels about Mattie and Reed and isn’t sure if she can forgive Cane.

At the bar, Juliet gushes about Cane’s great business savvy. You were the one who brought Sato back to the table, Cane reminds. Juliet understands why he set Billy up – sometimes you have to look out for yourself. Like you did by filing that lawsuit? Cane’s sure once he gets his business life back on track, his personal life will follow. Until then, Juliet offers her support.

Jack was tempted to hire Cane but didn’t due to personal reasons. If Ben hires him, don’t tell Vikki and don’t mention OUR alliance. Jack’s then surprised to hear that Billy and Victor joined forces to oppose Vikki collaborating with Ben. Close this deal before she changes her mind, Jack orders.

Vikki wants to make a rational decision, not an emotional one. Billy translates – you don’t want to get in bed with Hawkman because you’re upset that Victor kicked Nick out. He’s surprised she’s being so thorough with a short term loan. You’ve never doubted your instincts before – why now?