Friday, August 18th

At the tackhouse looking for Nick, Nikki’s surprised to find Abby has moved in.

Jordan’s sorry but he’s been thinking about kissing Lily since Cane moved out.

Neil informs Devon that he gave Vikki a bridge loan for BnS. Without asking me? Devon’s mildly annoyed.  Neil didn’t just do it for Vikki – he looks over at Cane at the club’s bar.

Furious, Vikki marches in to GC Buzz to confront Hilary.

In Jack’s office, Phyllis guesses he’ll  now need a new way to get to BnS. After what just aired on the Hilary Hour, no one will be eager to give Vikki a loan – and she can’t afford the increased rent, Jack’s sure. Billy arrives to announce that BnS’s rent is paid up through the next quarter.

Nikki’s irritated that no one bothered to tell her that Nick moved in with Chelsea.  Abby’s sorry Nikki’s upset. Nikki’s not upset with Abby  – she’s upset that Victor did this to his son. He seemed OK with it, Abby updates, then introduces Nikki to Zack. Nikki then leaves them to it.

Chelsea woke up to feel lucky that Nick’s beside her. What about when I leave my socks on the floor or drink from the carton? He jokes. Chelsea has no second thoughts. Nick has a confession – he woke up realizing he’s the luckiest guy on the planet ~kiss~

Lily enjoyed the kiss but still loves her husband. Don’t be upset – I’m confused. Jordan asks if reconciling with Cane is a possibility. She has no idea.

Jack assumes Victor bailed Vikki out. No, it was your good friend Neil – we’ll turn BnS around by next quarter. Phyllis is happy to hear that BnS will be hiring more people. Billy then talks about how nice it is that Dina’s around – John wouldn’t be proud of Jack’s attempt to destroy BnS.

Vikki tells Hilary that conversation was private. It was in a public hallway, Hilary says. Mariah suggests a follow up interview so Vikki can tell her side. Vikki hates the idea – the show’s goal is to humiliate my family and company. We had a good relationship – what changed? Vikki asks Hilary.

Neil made the loan to BnS because he wanted to help both Vikki and Lily (who’ll now have a job)

After Devon leaves, Neil approaches Cane – consider this a mini intervention.

Nick’s sure he’ll have no problem unpacking and taking care of the boys while Chelsea’s out ~kiss~