Thursday, August 17th

Dina arrives at the office to bid Jack and Ashley good morning and explain that she was late due to being waylaid by that charming young man downstairs (the competition)

At BnS, Billy gets a text and makes a beeline for the elevator (which Phyllis yanks him into)

An agitated Vikki vents to Neil (at HWG) about trusting someone she shouldn’t have. Everyone warned her – if only she listened. I’m not on top of my game and it’s getting worse.

Jordan drops by Lily’s to see if she’s OK about her job being put on hold and invite her to come with him to New York to look for work.

Mariah and the GC staff are placing bets on how late Hilary will be for the production meeting when she arrives to excitedly announce that she’s tossing out everything planned for today’s show to run an exclusive.

Jack suspects Billy whined to Dina about him (and BnS’s rent being hiked) If they don’t like it they can move BnS to Jill’s garage. Ashley referees – then asks about Dina’s report. Jack’s flabbergasted when Dina claims that she reviewed her report and fixed some mistakes (and here’s the revised one on a flashdrive)

That was quite the welcome home, Billy tucks his shirt into his pants. Phyllis hears that Jack hiked the rent – and thinks Vikki should accept Hawkman’s help instead of Victor’s. With a kiss, she heads off to work.

Vikki regrets dating and almost making a deal with Hawkman – then confides that BnS is in such rough shape she needs a bridge loan (and will have to eat crow and ask Victor) Neil smiles – there’s another option (he points to the HWG logo on the wall)

Mattie’s embarrassed by the way her Dad behaved when catching her with Reed – he’s been irrational since Mom kicked him out – who knows what he’ll do next. On cue, Cane arrives on the rooftop.

Spotting her Dad, Mattie sends Reed off. Hey, Cane joins her to apologize – it was hard seeing her kiss a boy, especially Vikki’s son. Reed’s bad news. Has he done anything worse than what you did? Mattie snaps. Apologizing, Cane leaves Reed to return for an update. My Dad thinks you’re trouble. It’s kinda true, Reed admits.

New York is the place to be – Jordan has connections. Lily can’t just leave her kids. And what will happen with Jordan and Hilary if he moves to New York?

Back at GC Buzz, Hilary hands over a flashdrive and instructions to a staffer – Mariah won’t get a preview; Hilary wants her authentic reaction on camera. Mariah’s sure she’ll be adequately disgusted and knows it can’t involve her or Devon (their relationship won’t attract gossip-mongers) Hilary didn’t think so – until now. Mariah’s left to look worried.