Tuesday, August 22nd

*For anyone wondering, yesterday’s show was pre-empted by the sun (or lack thereof for a minute or so)*

Thinking he’s alone at the ranch Victor sits to flash back to cutting both Nicholas and Nikki out of his life. He’s unpleasantly surprised when Nikki appears.

At the penthouse, Nick admires a “family’ photo of Connor, Christian, and Faith. When he insists on helping to pay the bills Chelsea refuses – we need to get a few things straight.

Jordan and Lily are celebrating on the rooftop deck when he’s summoned to Hilary’s suite. Lily’s left to update Neil that the Dare campaign is back on. He has some good news of his own.

Juliet’s asked Cane to join her at the club to share the results of genetic testing she had done. Handing paperwork across the table, it doesn’t look good.

Upstairs, Jordan likes what he sees when Hillary opens her door ~kiss~

At home, Mariah makes the mistake of asking Tessa if she’s OK. My sister’s been selling her body and is being held against her will! I am not OK.

Paul’s not at the station so Sharon leaves him a message – Crystal may not be involved in a small-time, local operational after all. On cue, two hookers are brought in for booking.

Jordan’s second celebration of the day is in honour of Hillary’s successful commercial shoot. He toasts to her talent and unbridled ambition. When Jordan doesn’t seem interested in her exclusive clip on Vikki, she gets his attention by taking her clothes off.

Neil (or rather, HWG) didn’t lend money to Brash and Sassy just to help Lily – it’s a good business decision. He also told Cane to man up if he wants to win Lily back. It’s not that easy, Lily sighs.

The genetic test results show markers for cystic fibrosis. It runs in Juliet’s family but she doesn’t know about Cane’s. Yes, of course, Cane will come to the hospital for a blood test – this is his baby too. Juliet follows him out with a faint smile.

If Nikki’s forgotten anything else Victor will have it sent over to her hotel. Seeing that he’s watching the video of Victoria online, Nikki asks what Victor plans to do about Hillary humiliating their daughter. Nothing, Victor’s offer to lend Vikki money was refused so he’ll focus on family who actually like him. Commenting on the new furniture in the room Faith uses at the ranch, Nikki’s outraged to hear that Victor moved it in from the Tackhouse.