Thursday, August 24th

Nick walks a bored looking Faith into CL’s. How about a brownie? You must have missed those. Faith perks up when Sharon comes out to hug her – I bet you’re glad to be home. I guess, Faith’s words and lack of enthusiasm puzzle her Mom.

Chelsea’s at the ranch to ask Victor why the bedroom furniture she designed as a gift for Faith wasn’t delivered to the penthouse. It was a bribe, not a gift – don’t play games, Victor scowls. This isn’t about some damned furniture, it’s about the well-being of my granddaughter.

In Jack’s office, Ashley praises Dina’s report. It’s clean and free of errors, Jack now declares their Mom an asset to Jabot. Maybe we should expand her role. Ashley figures she’s having a harder time than Jack forgiving Dina’s past actions because SHE’S the one who’s had to live a lie because of them.

Seated at the club, Dina sings Zack’s praises to Abby (who’s delighted and surprised by her risque grandmother’s talk about men) At a nearby table, Phyllis is equally delighted that Billy has time for breakfast. Now, what did you mean by ‘hitting back at Jack’? Billy eyes Dina and Abby’s animated conversation.

Billy has nothing planned against Jack. He’s just ticked that he raised the rent (but glad BnS didn’t end up in bed with Hawkman) Maybe he and Vikki really liked each other, Phyllis’ suggestion makes Billy wonder why she’s defending the guy.

Updated that Abby moved into the tackhouse, Dina comments that Victor doesn’t like to be alone. He only wants me there to fill empty space? Abby looks concerned.

You think a new bed will distract Faith from the fact that you and Nick have upended her life? Victor wonders. Chelsea points out that Nick came to live with her because Victor evicted him (and therefore his kids) out. Victor’s sure Nick will try to turn Faith against him. Didn’t you learn anything with Adam? Chelsea’s told that the ranch will be Faith’s sanctuary (because she won’t want to stay at the penthouse)

Nick gives Faith a glass of lemonade – and the news that he and Christian have moved in with Chelsea. You decided to move without telling me? Faith disapproves. Chelsea has a surprise for you, Nick chirps. Sharon reassures that she’ll see Faith on Monday’s, as usual – and Grandpa (who’ll be lonely now that Grandma moved out) How do you know that? Nick wonders. Faith looks busted.

Faith leads her parents to believe that Grandma was the one to tell her that she moved out. Asked how she feels about moving away from the ranch, Faith lists what she’ll miss – but this could be good too. Nick thinks it’ll be fun – then is left to thank Sharon for her help – don’t let her spend much time with my Dad) As Faith’s hugging her Mom good bye, Sharon waves Scott off until she leaves with Nick. You don’t want her to know about us, he states the obvious.