Wednesday, August 23rd

At the club’s bar, Hilary insists that there’s something going on between Lily and Jordan. He lost interest in you, Cane guesses – and you’re afraid he’ll set his sights on Lily.

You didn’t have to walk me in, Lily thanks Jordan for the drive home. He’ll get out of her hair before the kids come home for dinner. Both getting an email, Lily and Jordan look excited to be hitting the road for Brash n Sassy together.

Sharon joins Nick at Underground to update that she saw a woman drive off with a man and the hookers he bailed out. She sent a photo to Paul and hopes it’ll lead to Crystal. Never mind that – why did Nick summon her? To talk about Faith.

An excited Faith jumps into the back seat of Grandpa’s limo – why are you here? I’m coming home tomorrow. Victor just wanted to spend some time with his granddaughter.

Noah’s surprised that Tessa (due to perform tonight) didn’t come to Underground with Mariah. Her guitar’s at home – maybe something came up, Mariah replies.

Meanwhile, Tessa knocks and enters room 2 at the Night and Day Motel. Finding it empty, she sends a text to Crystal – I’m here. The bearded man who bailed out the hookers didn’t bring Tessa here to answer questions. He strides into the room and slams the door behind him.

All looking at a laptop at HWG, an impressed Neil and Devon declare intern Mattie a ‘genius’. Why didn’t we think to reorganize the press section? Sent home for the evening, Mattie declines flexible hours – she appreciates the normalcy. Devon and Neil are left to discuss (but not pity) Lily of the kids. Devon’s fine with Neil’s loan to BnS but don’t do it again. He also bristles at Neil asking about his love life – his relationship with Mariah isn’t the one the family should be worried about.

Back at home, Lily’s excited to be hitting the road again. We’ll be professional – she has no concerns about traveling with Jordan but worries about the kids (with no support at home anymore) Mom’s juggle work and kids every day, Lily shrugs off Jordan’s concern. As she goes to grab her tablet from the kitchen, Charlie’s surprised to find Jordan there.

Hilary chases Cane to the revolving door – Jordan’s with Lily at your house right now – go check – she’s a professional damsel in distress, looking for someone to save her (and you’re letting it happen) You’re sad, Cane dismisses Hilary (then makes Mattie feel guilty because she doesn’t have time for a smoothie on the rooftop)

Eager to see Faith tomorrow, Nick and Sharon carry on like she’s 16, not 10. Boys will be in the picture soon. Euuuw no – Nick then confides that he left the tackhouse for good – and yes, it IS because of Victor.