Friday, August 25th

Sharon visits to lecture Victor (who’d be finally seeing his granddaughter if he hadn’t kicked Nick out) And now that Faith’s not living on the ranch, Sharon won’t see her as much either. Excellent work.

At the penthouse, Nick asks Faith to apologize to Chelsea and give her new living arrangement a shot. If you have gripes, let’s talk. It’s a lot of things that Faith can’t put into words. As Chelsea squirms, Nick asks Faith to be upfront – if you have something to say, just say it.

Dina drops by Jack’s office all business but having so much fun. She is curious as to why she had to drop everything to do a comparison report of Jabot vs Brash n Sassy sales at Fenmore’s. Does Jack see BnS as the competition or is it your brother Billy?

Downstairs, at BnS, Billy still can’t access Jabot’s site with Dina’s password when Phyllis calls wanting to spend time with him. She’s not happy when Vikki can be heard entering the office – Billy can’t leave work early. Hanging up, Billy assures Vikki that she’s not interrupting. And yes, he can come up with some ‘crazy’ ideas for her. While Vikki’s glad she can count on Billy, Phyllis is upstairs looking like she can’t.

When Ashley delivers a folder to Ravi, he asks if she’s OK; knowing she had an intense conversation with her Mother (which Ashley isn’t willing to discuss)

Next time, send a text, Victor informs Sharon – who appeals to him not to take his ill will towards Nick out on Faith. And if Victor cherishes time spent with his granddaughter throwing Nick off the ranch is a funny way of showing it. No, she won’t reopen her custody agreement to have Faith at the ranch more – and what about Christian? Victor vows that no one will keep him from his grandson.

Encouraged to speak out by both Nick and Chelsea, Faith sees only one way to ‘fix things’; take me back to the ranch, my Mom, my pony. The penthouse is not my home. Give it a chance, Nick will do anything to make this work (but Faith’s request to go see her Grandpa won’t happen)

Why can’t Faith see Grandpa? Nick reminds that she just accused him of ruining her life – it’s not grown-up to bail on a serious conversation to go visiting. But Faith will feel better once she sees her Grandpa. Chelsea thinks it might help – and Faith can pick up some things from her Mom’s to make her bedroom here seem more at home. Thanking Chelsea, an excited Faith goes to fetch a gift she made for her Grandpa. Chelsea’s left to hope she didn’t overstep but Nick can’t avoid the ranch forever.

Dina finds it odd that Jack works with Phyllis but has banished Billy (who’s turned out quite well considering Jill’s his Mother) He’s a spoiled man-child, Jack denies he was ever anything like Billy. Is he to let bygones be bygones? Would it kill you? Dina wonders. Wagging his finger, Jack thinks his Mother the last person to judge him (re: Billy or Nikki) Told that John wasn’t one to hold a grudge, Jack isn’t as good a man – he’s busy building on John’s legacy. Bad time? Phyllis interrupts. It’s rarely a good time when you appear, Dina leaves Phyllis to wonder if Jack’s regretting bringing his Mom onboard yet.

Ashley appreciates Ravi being a sounding board but she’ll be fine. Am I interrupting? Dina appears. No, Ashley was just leaving. Ravi’s left to help Dina install an app on her laptop. She wastes no time making it clear that she knows she was the topic of conversation.