Friday, September 1st

In the stopped elevator, Vikki confronts Phyllis – who reminds that she had hot sex in here with Billy. Are you out to take me down? My company? Or both? Vikki wants to know.

Back at CL’s with Scott, Sharon now believes her instincts were right in the first place – Alice works for the sex ring.

At Jabot, Ashley updates Ravi that Vikki and Billy might be right about Jack trying to undermine Brash n Sassy. Jack didn’t deny it. He’s not above playing dirty and it’s not right, might be illegal – and it could backfire. That’s why Ashley needs as much info as she can get.

Taking a seat at the club, Hilary boasts about her huge commercial and successful show. Jack has no problem with that – unless it comes at the expense of people he cares about.

Scott’s pragmatic to the point that Sharon reminds that HE told her to trust her instincts. Scott plays devil’s advocate – maybe Alice lied because she didn’t know how Sharon and Nick felt about her – maybe she didn’t know she had a niece; maybe it’s just a close friend. Stop fighting me on this, Sharon huffs off.

On the phone, Alice complains to Zack about him sending a girl to her house. She ran into people from her past but handled it and now needs to discuss the ‘precious’ girls she’s sending photos of. Flipping through a selection of photos of young girls, Zack stops at Crystal – who’s Rainbow girl? She’s highly requested but trouble, Alice informs.

**Long weekend and I’m in a hurry to go enjoy it. Expect typos and stuff that makes no sense**

Sharon startles Tessa as she’s also looking at a photo of Crystal on her phone – then hears that the sisters had some good times. Sharon asks Tessa to send her the photo; she wants to think of her smiling and happy and will do all she can to rescue Crystal. After Sharon walks away, Abby joins Tessa to gush about her song and talk about Zack (who passed her Dad’s interrogation last night)

Graham finds Dina working in her suite – need office supplies? No, Dina needs time to finish her marketing analysis. Not wanting her to be late for work, Graham sends Dina off to Jabot – he’ll finish and email the report.

Hilary aired events that happened in a public place – both times. She can’t stop doing her job because it upsets someone (Nikki) Jack denies he’s seeing Nikki to upset Victor. You’re playing a dangerous game, Hilary says. Yes, and Jack knows she takes risks too – that’s why he wants Hilary’s help with his plan.

Vikki knows that Phyllis steered Hawkman in her direction. You must see me as a threat – Billy confided how anxious you are about the time he spends working with me. Was it YOUR idea to use Benjamin to take down BnS? As Phyllis goes off, her words are muffled in Vikki’s head.