Wednesday, September 20th

Lily’s not sure what will happen with her and Cane – but we both love you kids. Mattie hates what Dad did but thinks if he came home things (and Dad) would get back to normal. Lily guesses this is about Reed and wonders if Mattie can really forgive her Dad. She (Lily) is not sure things will ever be the same as they were.

Juliet and her baby are now ‘too full’. Cane takes over cleaning up duty and talks about the distance between him and the kids. Juliet makes him smile – and thinks that a good thing since they’ll be raising a child together. Or has Cane changed his mind on that?

Back at CL’s, Sharon looks at Scott’s giant laptop – you sure have been doing a lot of research on sex rings. Yes and Scott knows that many young girls get hooked on drugs. He plans to talk to some of them and ask around about Crystal – and finish his online series on sex rings. Sharon’s not to worry – Scott would do anything for her ~kiss~

Noah teases Nick about his cooking skills. Chelsea in the kitchen, Faith comes down to be introduced to Tessa; a soon-to-be-star living with Mom and Mariah. How was camp? With a shrug, Faith looks to her Dad as he pours wine. As the fire alarm goes off, Chelsea calls out – what’s the number to the pizza place?

Kevin’s not a Nick-fan; if not for him, he and Chloe would be raising Bella in GC. But – he doesn’t want to go to prison. Your skills have diminished? You’re not up to the job? Victor challenges. Once assured that no one will know, Kevin’s in.

Sharon and Scott are exiting the coffee house for Underground – Noah wants a packed house because to impress music promoter who’s coming. How serious are Noah and Tessa? Scott thinks it makes sense that he’s taking things slow. Both have a lot going on. Sharon’s happy that Faith’s coming back to her place tomorrow – and thinks it time she meet Scott.

At the penthouse, all enjoy pizza and wine. When Tessa tells Faith that it must be nice to have two little brothers to boss around, Nick explains that Christian is her half brother – Connor is her cousin. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Faith asks. A younger sister, Noah says that they’re from Chicago. Chelsea takes Faith to the kitchen while Tessa assures Nick and Noah that it’s fine.

The baby doesn’t have to be in our lives, Mattie thinks Dad can just write a check every month and get on with it. Lily’s not sure she wants to take Cane back – she went to therapy to talk it through. A decision like this takes time. We’re not done, Lily answers the front door. Bad time? Jordan asks. No – perfect – Mom made dinner reservations at the club – you guys can go together since that’s what she really wants, Mattie hisses as she stomps off to her room.

Juliet recalls that Cane was worried about the baby’s health – it seemed he was willing to take responsibility but now she gets the feeling he won’t have the same feelings for their son as he does for Charlie and Mattie.

Lily cancels her reservation but tells Jordan that it’s fine that he dropped by. Mattie doesn’t understand why she can’t forgive Cane and it’s hard to be polite to Juliet (who’s carrying Cane’s child that she can’t) She then explains that she had cancer; a surrogate carried Charlie and Mattie. I’ll never get to experience what Juliet is, she tears up and frets about doing the right thing for her family.

Cane knows he’s given Juliet mixed messages. He feels like he has to choose between this baby and his family. Juliet will give this baby plenty of love and will ensure he has everything he possibly needs. When he balks at her name choice – Algernon or Wilbur, Juliet needs Cane to step back or step up.