Thursday, September 28th

Surprised to find Kevin on the CL’s patio, Devon does a lot of talking about how wonderful his relationship is with Mariah. The more he talks, the more uncomfortable Kevin becomes. Finally, Devon wonders why he’s so uneasy – I get the feeling you don’t think things are OK (between him and Mariah)

Alice asks about Cassie. Tessa wants to talk about Crystal – where is she!? Her phone going off, Tessa will give Alice some time to think about where Crystal is (meaning she better talk or else)

Sharon thinks that Mariah playing Cassie’s ghost is a horrible idea. Do you have a better one? Mariah’s frustrated. Enter Tessa to say that Alice is sticking to her story; she’s in medical sales. The only one calm, Mariah needs to know if Sharon’s in or out before they go any further.

Lily sure as hell won’t take marital advice from Hilary; who’s still spewing advice as Lily slams the front door in her face (after letting Mike in) Mike’s been summoned over because Lily’s made a decision. She wants to file for divorce.

Over glasses of water, Mike advises Lily to think about her decision. She appreciates Mike’s concern but is firm on that decision. There’s just no way she can get past what Cane did, especially with a baby being raised across town as a reminder.

Hilary asks Cane to stay at the club for one more drink, then gets right to the point; don’t give up. It’s the baby thing Lily can’t get over; a living reminder or your mistake. I can’t make the baby disappear, Cane scoffs. No, ‘but you can make Juliet disappear’.

When Kevin comes back from getting a refill, Devon picks up his line of questioning. Kevin’s just protective of Mariah is all. Devon reassures that there’s no need – he respects the hell out of that girl. This is the most honest and stable relationship he’s had. We have good chemistry too (wink wink) Kevin basically says that Hilary’s so much hotter than Mariah that surely Devon must still want her. Denying that, Devon wonders if Kevin wants another shot at Mariah.

Hi Alice, it’s me Cassie, Mariah does her best impression of her deceased twin sister. I’ve missed you, she smiles down.

I’m hallucinating. You died a long time ago, Alice asks Cassie to untie her. No, it’s not what Millie wants, Mariah says. Millie’s not gone. She’s watching you like I am. I’m a good person, Alice whimpers. You’re NOT a good person, Mariah calmly corrects. What you’re doing to those girls is horrible. You’re not ‘protecting those girls’. I’d be the same age as them. . Is this what you’d want for me? No, Alice sobs. Then do the right thing, Mariah implores.

Both ready to leave the building, Scott assures Abby that everything is fine between him and Sharon. Abby knows it’s hard when kids are involved and doesn’t think Scott and Sharon are a good match. Opposites attract, Scott points out (then all but giggles like an embarrassed schoolgirl)

Lily appreciates the time she spent with Cane. She wants this divorce to be amicable for the kids’ sake – so they can maintain a good relationship with their Dad. Mike’s sure Cane will get a job soon. Lily may not want child support but the court will order it. Does Cane have a lawyer? Does he even know this is happening? Mike wonders. Lily hasn’t wanted to tell him. Yes, it might be best if Mike does.

At the club’s bar, Hilary’s getting more and more desperate. She now wants Cane to convince Juliet to move back to Tokyo. If Lily doesn’t see the baby she might be able to forget it exists and move on with Cane. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain, Hilary demands Cane at least try. Juliet appears; may ‘we’ join you?