Thursday, September 28th

After Alice faints, Mariah realizes – holy crap, she thinks I’m my sister. She’s totally out of it. We need back up, she tells Tessa. Even dead, Cassie may be our last hope, Mariah leaves Tessa to guard Alice.

Whoops, Mariah says when interrupting Sharon and Scott making out. Obediently leaving Mariah to talk privately with her Mom, Scott leaves Sharon to learn the shocking news that Alice is tied up in the stables.

Hilary drops by Lily’s house (even though she knows she’s the last person she wants to see) Walking in uninvited, Hilary relays that she just came from seeing Cane – he’s devastated.

At the club, Jordan suggests Cane put some gloves on (he might injure his hand punching the bag otherwise) You’re pretty smug, Cane pauses his workout to accuse Jordan of moving in on his wife.

Hilary badgers Lily to take Cane back. It’s about that baby, He has no affection for that woman – he loves YOU. If you don’t give him some hope, Cane will fall into a well of despair. He’s utterly devastated – is that what you want? You guys have been through so much together – you love each other – give the marriage one more shot.

Unapologetic, Jordan disagrees with everything Cane thinks; he and Lily are co-workers and friends. He didn’t dump Hilary for Lily. Cane tells Jordan that he’s dreaming if he thinks Lily and him are over – we’re going to counseling. Back off.

What happened to your date? Abby and Scott ask one another (surprised to bump into each other in Victor’s office) Hearing that Sharon had a family thing come up (with Mariah) Abby doesn’t think it a good sign that Scott was ‘excluded’.

This is a serious crime! Sharon frets, even more so when hearing Alice is unconscious. Mariah quickly explains that Alice fainted when seeing who she believes is a grown up Cassie. This is our only lead to finding Crystal.

Flashback to Alice talking to a young Cassie (who didn’t want to be taken from Nick and Sharon’s; her ‘Mommy’) Cassie? Alice awakens to murmur.

Mariah stops Sharon from calling Paul. If Alice feels threatened she might have Crystal killed. Tell me how Alice was with Cassie (it’s time for her ghost to make a comeback)