Thursday, September 28th

We were just talking about you, Hilary brings up Tokyo with Juliet (oh, what a great place it is) But when Cane’s summoned away by Mike, she drops the act and bluntly tells Juliet to move back to Tokyo. Cane doesn’t want you. He’ll always resent you for coming between him and Lily.

Welcoming her next visitor in, Lily’s so glad that Jordan’s back in town. No, everything’s not alright. Lily’s decided to end her marriage. Please tell me I did the right thing, she pleads.

Back on the CL’s patio, Kevin might as well say that he and Mariah were so boring in bed that he would never think of dating her again. She has no interest in me either, he assures Devon.

Help this young woman find her sister – get her out of this terrible life, Mariah says in her ghost-voice. This can’t be real. Why are you coming to me now? Alice is distressed. Mariah (as Cassie) knows Alice wants to do the right thing. Millie and I will be so proud of you. Alice is relieved when she sees Sharon – do you see what I see? Tell me I’m not losing it. Sharon sees that Cassie came back. She must be here for something important.

Having done some research for the dating app, Abby learned that opposites in a relationship don’t last; a couple must have some things in common. Sure that Scott has nothing in common with Sharon, Abby knows his relationship with her won’t last. Scott’s left to sip his coffee and look unsettled.

Sharon knows that Cassie wouldn’t come back to see Alice if she hadn’t forgiven her. She’s reaching out to you. Don’t reject her again. Please, Mariah adds – treat these girls better than you treated me. OK, Alice caves in. Where is Crystal? She’s in New York City with a guy named Leon. As Tessa listens, Sharon unties Alice so she can make a call ‘to bring those girls home’.

Lily’s sorry. I’m losing it. Jordan understands she wants reassurance that ending her marriage is the right thing to do – but it has to be your call. Lily agonizes some more; am I being selfish? It’s so unfair that this happened to us. Unfair to the kids, me, even Cane. It’s OK, Jordan plays supportive friend.

Cane wants Lily, not you, Hilary tells Juliet that she’ll never be a happy family with Cane and the baby. Go back to your old life, your old friends in Tokyo. Nope – Juliet believes she has a chance. Cane cares about his baby and he cares about me.

Across the restaurant, Mike tells Cane that he’s here in an official capacity; as Lily’s lawyer. Realizing this means divorce, Cane slumps into the closest chair to absorb the shock.

Next: Your Dad and I are getting a divorce, Lily announces to the kids (with Cane looking on sadly) … Get your hands off of me! Sharon yelps at the man who drags her out of the bushes. What’s going on out here? he asks Alice (who’s in the process of leaving with Crystal, Mariah and Tessa watching from under some trees)