Wednesday, October 11th

Top of The Tower has been decorated for Ashley’s big night; flowers, champagne on ice and a digital display of Abbott family photos. Questioning the choice of venue, Nikki then tries to throw Hilary out ‘the restaurant is closed for a private event’. Jack explains that he invited Hilary to do a piece for her show. Nikki worries she’ll ruin the evening.

Still at the house, Ashley looks at the yearbook photo of Graham. Do you remember the Davis family? Traci asks – then thinks they better get going.

In her suite, Dina frets – she can’t see this evening going well. Graham rants about Ashley – not being John’s biological daughter didn’t stand in her way; she got the name, the money, respect and even an award. Dina tells Graham that when Ashley found out she had a complete mental breakdown. My, that is tragic, Graham pretends to care.

Back at ToT, Nikki warns Jack that Hilary will be on the prowl for disaster. Hilary comes along to say that Nikki’s the only one holding a grudge. Victor gave her the go-ahead to run the garage footage and Nick’s interview is airing right now. Excuse me – Nikki must go see what this woman’s done to her family now!

Jack (Hilary beside him) greets Billy, Phyllis, and Mike (Lauren’s away on business) Glad you could make it, Jack extends his hand for Billy to shake (as the cameraman runs over to film) A moment to preserve; Jabot breaking bread with Brash n Sassy, Hilary comments.

At BnS, Vikki can’t believe Nick did an interview with that ‘vulture’. I guess we’ll soon find out what your brother’s up to, Victor comments as Hilary comes back on the air.

Abby’s equally puzzled as she watches the TV behind the GCAC bar. Hilary talks about the battle of the Newmans. Nick’s here to say his piece, isn’t that right? How did you feel seeing that footage? It felt like a violation – but Nick understands that the public wants to see that rich people have problems too. Hilary’s sure Nick has a lot to say. I do, Nick agrees – let’s do it. Still at GC Buzz, Chelsea tells Nick – here we go (as they watch)

Nick tells Hilary that his fight with his Father showed him at his worst. He did come off as ungrateful. Nick knows he’s been handed many advantages in life. Yes, by his Father. Victor Newman is a force of nature. He fought for everything he has; created an empire from nothing. In her office, Vikki thinks it sounds like Nick’s trying to make up with his Father (who warns – ‘don’t be so sure’)

When Neil arrives to tell Jack that Vikki can’t make it, a concerned Billy asks if she said why. Some Newman crisis, Neil shrugs it off. Tonight is about the Abbott’s, no one else will steal the spotlight, Phyllis gets things back on track. Arriving with Dina, Graham tells Jack that he’s glad to be part of such an exciting occasion.