Tuesday, October 10th

The stunning bouquet of roses on Jack’s desk isn’t from him – it’s from the BnS team. No, Ashley doesn’t mind Nikki being added to the guest list – since she’s added Graham. Why!? Jack’s shocked. Because Ashley thinks tonight’s party is the perfect time to save their Mother.

Seated in the dining-room, Dina’s surprised Ashley agreed to include Graham (who’s sure it won’t be the only surprise of the evening)

We owe Neil a lot, Billy agrees – but suspects Vikki’s going as Neil’s +1 tonight to rattle Phyllis’ cage.

In Ravi’s office, Phyllis lets him know that she’s in the loop and that Billy won’t get access to her laptop again. He didn’t do this to hurt me – and Vikki’s behind it. Ravi’s sorry he couldn’t say anything to Phyllis but doesn’t understand why she’s blaming Vikki, not Billy. What kind of relationship is that?

At the revolving door, Nick gets a pep talk from Chelsea and a call from an anxious Hilary (who can’t wait to hear what he has to say) You won’t be disappointed, Nick promises. Chelsea knows how hard it is for Nick to put his personal life out there. Let’s go ~kiss~ Oh look – Victor’s here.

Knowing he can’t prove Victor took his money, Nick tells his Dad to drop the act. Oh – and how is Victor supposed to react? Shame? Regret? Chelsea quips. Victor carries on about the money HE earned – and Nick turning his family, his granddaughter against him. There’s nothing you have that I can’t take. Nick’s fine with that (nod to Chelsea) he has everything he wants.

Billy informs that he almost got caught last night – Phyllis can never know. And neither can Jack, Vikki agrees.

Labeling her relationship as ‘complicated’ but worth it, Phyllis is pleased to hear that Ravi’s social life is going well but wonders how Ashley puts up with Dina.

Over lunch, Graham subtly works on turning Dina against her kids. He’s not happy when Abby appears to whisk Dina off to Jabot. Jack’s orders (he didn’t say why)

Champagne on ice, Ashley’s determined to go after Graham tonight. Wanting her to focus on enjoying the evening, Jack does have something else to discuss.

Though smiling sweetly (as usual) Traci clearly doesn’t approve of Gloria working at Jabot. Ashley appears to wonder why Jack’s summoning everyone. Gloria doesn’t appreciate being dismissed to fetch Ravi and Phyllis while Jack’s drinking champagne with his sisters. Traci had a nice visit with her friend Sandy – we found something I must show you. Abby and Dina’s arrival interrupts. Yes, they too got a mysterious text from Jack (who calls them all inside) Traci and Dina linger outside briefly to catch up.