Thursday, October 12th

With a framed photo of John Abbott in the background, Abby glares at Dina – what did you just say!? Graham blames everyone, especially Ashley, for confusing Dina (who he now defends) She wanted to protect you from the truth! What truth? Traci asks. That’s enough, you can leave now, Jack orders Graham out.

Getting a call from Tessa, Mariah can’t hang tonight – too busy thanks to Hilary, she claims. She couldn’t even go to Ashley’s award dinner with Devon. Maybe another time ~click~

Of course Chelsea worries about Nick – we’re a team now. Was this thing with your Dad all about money? Vikki then barges into the penthouse to say that Nick giving all his money away to spite Dad is ‘certifiable’.

Donating his trust is the sanest move Nick’s ever made – he’s declaring his independence. Dad can no longer accuse me of riding his coattails. Yes, Chelsea IS standing by her man; at least I have one (Meow) Vikki then sings Victor’s praises – he’s giving BnS a new product line – no strings. Nick gets the real reason for Vikki’s outrage – you don’t want my tension with Dad to ruin things for you.

Tessa shows up at the station with wine and chocolate – just as Mariah’s about to go on a snack run. Fine, you got me, she takes a seat. They then discuss Nick’s interview and whether Mariah thinks Tessa won’t have time for her now that she’s moved into Noah’s.

As the camera rolls and the guests hang on every word, Graham blasts Ashley for playing victim when she wasn’t the one whose life was destroyed. Ashley blasts back – Brent Davis wasn’t fit to shine John Abbott’s shoes – Dina did you and your Mother a favor by taking him off your hands! You set your sights on a rich old lady, got named in her will, got her to believe in you. Bravo! she claps. Please stop~ Dina warbles. Ashley orders Graham out NOW or she’ll have security throw him out.

When Jack seconds the order for Graham’s removal, Dina pulls away – I’m staying. Don’t listen to them, Jack and Ashley don’t care for you like I do, he whines. Ashley’s probably having another breakdown. Having heard enough, Neil escorts Graham out – and Jack wants to get back to their celebration. Is that even possible? Abby sulks.

Vikki’s here for a rational conversation, not to be insulted. You barged in calling me a lunatic, Nick points out the irony. Did you think about what this would do to the kids? Vikki’s own shrieking makes her ears ring. Is something wrong? Nick asks. The only thing wrong is that there’s no talking any sense into you! Vikki marches out to leave Nick and Chelsea shaking their heads.

Billy suggests they all leave Jack, Traci and Ashley to attend to their Mother. But wait – Neil has some nice things to say about Ashley; I admire and respect you, my friend. Raise your glasses. After all toast Ashley, Billys’ order to vacate the room is obeyed. Billy hugs Ashley and gets a terse ‘good night’ from Jack. After Ravi leaves, Jack asks Hilary not to air the footage (OK but you owe me) Jack then joins a distraught Dina at the bar; she’s devastated to have blurted out Ashley’s secret to a room full of people. She’ll hate me now.

Tessa confides to Mariah that she’s having trouble settling into Noah’s – plus, you and I left some things left unsaid (and they should definitely be said) The girls look busted when Hilary returns to the station to smirk.

Mike’s at Phyllis and Billy’s for a beer and some gossip. None of them have heard of Brent Davis – but everyone heard Dina say that he was Ashley’s Father. She’ll always be my sister, Billy vows.