Friday, October 13th

When Traci and Abby bring in the tea set, Jack updates that Dina’s in her suite and will be removing Graham from her will first thing in the morning. That’s not the only thing that happened tonight, Traci understates. Ashley appreciates Jack’s attempt to avoid the elephant in the room but is sure Traci and Abby realize what Dina said at the restaurant. How could she do that to you? Abby’s pissed.

Tossing Dina’s phone on the sofa, Graham hangs the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and leaves her motionless on the floor.

You didn’t eat much dinner, Scott notes. Sharon’s not looking forward to telling Mariah and Tessa that Alice has disappeared. Will we ever get to the bottom of who’s behind this sex ring? On cue, Zack arrives at the club (focused on his phone as usual)

Tessa returns to the TV station to say that Sharon wants to see her and Mariah. While we wait, can we continue the conversation Hilary interrupted earlier? No, we can’t, Mariah says coldly.

No, there’s no one else here – Mariah just doesn’t think they have anything else to say. And no, she’s not ‘afraid’ to say anything – ever. If there was anything to say, she wouldn’t hesitate to bring it up. Tessa’s puzzled by Mariah’s cold shoulder.

Exchanging a few awkward words with Zack, Sharon leaves to go talk to ‘her daughter and her friend’. Zack whines a bit about Abby giving him mixed signals then raves to Scott about Hashtag; it’s hard-hitting and provocative but where’s the piece on the sex trafficking ring? Has your lead dried up?

Graham comes down the staircase on his phone trying to book a flight to Bocca Florida – tonight.

What a way to cap off the evening; Innovator of the Year to an outsider in my own family, Ashley frets. Traci’s hurt that Ashley didn’t confide in her. I didn’t want Dad to find out. He’s been gone for years, Traci points out. Not to be outdone, Abby chimes in with ‘what about me?’ (you hid the fact that Victor was my Father and that John Abbott wasn’t my grandfather) Ashley grabs a framed photo of John – this is my Father; your grandfather. I’m so sorry ~hug~ Dina promised to take this to her grave.

Meanwhile, though not in her grave, Dina looks pretty dead (I am not a doctor)

Tessa wonders why Mariah’s so different – we were connecting – on the same page. Nothing’s ‘broken’, Mariah seems frustrated – it was just a misunderstanding. Sharon interrupts with ‘disturbing’ news. Alice escaped, was hit by a car – and escaped again. She either hobbled off on her own or someone finished the job. Tessa worries that someone’s forcing Alice to give up Crystal’s location.

At the club, Scott’s just working out the details – this story has a lot of moving parts. Sources are tough to pin down. Zack suggests Hashtag publish a piece on his dating app. Naw, they’re both under the Newman umbrella, Scott reminds. Rules are made to be broken, Zack smiles.

Ashley doesn’t want to be comforted by her siblings and daughter – she wants to hear from Dina. She was pretty distressed, Jack knows she didn’t blurt out that secret intentionally. Ashley feels she got ‘punished’ for giving her Mother a wakeup call; how ironic. Jack points out the positive – Graham will be written out of the will, be out of our lives – like he never existed.

Crystal’s fine in protected custody, Sharon’s sure. Alice will have to fend for herself. But are WE in any danger? Mariah reminds that Leon saw all their faces.