Tuesday, October 17th

As Graham holds vigil at Dina’s bedside, Ashley and Traci can only watch and complain behind the window. He stalked her and weaseled his way into her life – made sure his revenge was complete, Ashley fumes.

It’s so good to see you awake, Graham tells Dina that she had a minor stroke but will be just fine – and you won’t be alone. Dina’s never felt so alone in her life. Graham promises to never abandon Dina (who’s never known someone as devoted as he is)

In Jack’s office, Mike’s sorry to report that the paperwork’s not fake – it’s legal and binding; signed shortly after Dina came to GC. How do we take the power away from Graham and get him out of Dina’s life for good? Jack asks.

Phyllis and Hilary are chatting over coffee at the club. Phyllis actually feels sorry for Ashley. No, Hilary won’t air what happened at Ashley’s award dinner, she’s already in the doghouse with Vikki and will do whatever it takes to get back in her good graces.

At BnS, Jordan’s happy to hear that Lily’s been promoted and will be pulling ‘double duty’ (marketing and modeling) You’ve earned it, Vikki’s excited to have her. After Jordan goes to check for scheduling conflicts, Vikki hopes Lily won’t be offended by what she has to say next.

Looking out of place in his suit, Cane approaches Billy as he works out in the gym. You’re looking at the acting CEO of Chancellor Industries, he boasts.

Phyllis thinks Hilary had every right to air the footage of Vikki shouting at Benjamin – it’s not your fault she slept with that idiot. Hilary sees it as short-term win, long-term loss (to be on the outs with a Newman) That stone cold bitch will never trust you, Phyllis is sure. Hilary is determined to fix this.

Back at the office, Vikki thinks Mattie a terrific kid and is glad she and Reed have each other to lean on. She also admires the way Lily’s handled the whole Cane thing. About Jordan – he’s obviously very fond of you. As Lily stammers Vikki points out that company policy doesn’t prevent her having a relationship with Jordan – go for it.

Billy thinks it sweet that Jill threw Cane a bone by giving him a fake job. No one else will hire you. Did you call Jill ‘Mom’ for old times sake? Cane notes that BnS would be tanking still if not for Neil’s loan. And you haven’t filled my position. Oh, but we have – with someone creative and trustworthy; your soon to be ex-wife.

Billy lists all Lily’s qualifications. Cane knows she’s talented and smart but how could she replace me? You were a bartender, Billy reminds – and Lily’s actually replacing Juliet. Oh, the irony. Weird justice don’tcha think?

Chat over, Lily will let Vikki get back to running the show. You’ve been a great friend, a great boss, Lily says in parting. In the outer office, Lily has something to discuss with Jordan; ‘Us’.