Monday, October 16th

At GCM, Ashley runs behind Dina’s gurney – we need a doctor!!! My Mother’s unconscious! When Graham appears with Dina’s ‘personal doctor’, Ashley rejects him. There’s no time to waste – I’m familiar with your Mother’s history, Dr Hummel follows the gurney off. When Traci and Jack race in, Ashley provides what little info she has; she’s not sure how long Dina was unconscious. Jack also orders Graham out – we’re taking over now.

Back at Jabot, Jack hands Gloria an envelope (urgent paperwork for Micheal) and updates her and Ravi on Dina’s condition. Cancel all my and Ashley’s meetings – I’ll call with updates, Jack hurries out.

Nikki joins Victor at his table at Top of the Tower and won’t leave until he agrees to co-exist with Nick. End this feud.

Sharon’s at the penthouse to blast Nick for giving away millions of dollars; a nest-egg for his children (two of whom they share) Nice move Nick!

In the emergency waiting room, Ashley assures Traci that she won’t have a mental breakdown over her paternity going public. As Jack rejoins his sisters, Traci informs that Dr Hummel seems legit. Ashley’s surprised Dina was even seeing a doctor in GC. Reappearing to offer details, Graham’s still not welcomed.

At CL’s, Noah’s so stunned by the news online (Nick Newman – Prince or Pauper?) that he sends his CL’s mug shattering to the floor.

Nick’s not some deadbeat Dad – his kids will be fine. Not as fine as yesterday, Sharon whines about having no security blanket. Nick’s not just a pretty face – and his half billion wasn’t just sitting in a coffee can for 6 years. You can’t guess what your kids will need in the future! Sharon barks.

Nikki fails to make her case for peace between Victor and Nick. No, he can’t go to the authorities (about the missing money) The only way to resolve this is for Nikki to stop this nonsense and move back into the ranch.

According to Dr Hummel, Dina will make a fill recovery, Graham thinks the Abbott kids should go home and wait for his updates. Dr Hummel comes out to inform that Dina had a minor stroke – did she exhibit any warning signs? Cutting Graham off, the Abbott’s didn’t see any signs at dinner last night. Dr Hummel thinks it lucky that Dina was found when she was.

Ashley wishes she’d gotten there sooner. Graham chimes in to say that he was there too – in fact, I called Dr Hummel – no thanks necessary…. Dr Hummmel explains the next steps; we’ll review test results and come up with a treatment plan. Yes, stress could have played a factor. Ashley glares at Graham – our Mother found out someone had betrayed her a few hours before her stroke. That’s what caused it, she’s sure.