Wednesday, October 18th

Unable to find either Dina or Graham, Traci (the calmest Abbott goes to see if their Mother was taken for more tests) Sure that Graham’s behind it, Jack (and his power-of-attorney briefcase) goes in search while Ashley calls Graham.

At BnS, Billy talks about compartmentalizing his emotions. Phyllis understands – nothing you say will change what you and I have. Good, because what Billy has to say has nothing to do with how he feels about Phyllis.

Seated at Top of the Tower, Vikki scolds Nick some more then is surprised to hear he and Victor called a truce.

At the club, Neil warns Hilary not to air the footage from Ashley’s dinner (and is surprised to hear she’s giving the Abbott’s a free pass) When he mentions Vikki, Hilary says that’s why she summoned Neil to the club – I have a favour to ask.

Given just 60 seconds of Neil’s time, Hilary needs access to the movers and shakers in town. She wants Vikki to redeem herself on the Hilary Hour (as Nick did) and to re-establish their ‘mutual respect’. No, Neil won’t put in a good word – go talk to Vikki yourself.

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Nick explains that the truce is him and Dad going their separate ways. No, Mom doesn’t know. Nick will focus on Chelsea, his kids, expanding Underground. He can’t forget that Victor’s responsible for Adam’s death. Vikki can, sort of.’ Oh no’, she looks stricken when her phone beeps.

Billy addresses the distance between him and Phyllis. What is it you think you’ve done? Phyllis presses. Billy’s about to fess up when Vikki calls – there’s a flood at our warehouse. It could cost us everything. Billy will handle it – nothing will throw us off track. One glitch could derail our plans. Hanging up, Billy gets online. I hope everything’s OK, Phyllis probes.

Traci comes back in a panic – the nurses don’t know where Dina is! She, Jack and Ashley are stunned when Dr Hummel appears to announce that Graham had him release Dina. He had no choice – Graham has power of attorney. Off to the club the kids march.

Crisis handled, Billy apologizes for the interruption. Phyllis is worried by how much Vikki relies on Billy. He feels a certain responsibility; it’s his job. Back to the topic at hand – what’s distracting Billy? Ashley’s situation is a reminder that he’s on the outs with his family. Phyllis is frustrated – I thought you wanted to come clean. THAT’S what you wanted to be honest about? Yes, Billy lies – did you expect something else?

Victor joins Neil at the club to ask about Ashley’s award dinner. Neil can’t say much – call Ashley. He changes the subject to Nick donating to his and Jack’s foundation. Nick and I aren’t getting alone, Victor understates.