Thursday, October 26th

Now at CL’s, Sharon asks Scott what he remembers about last night. Call Zack. Scott’s tried. He has no memory of the night himself. Opening the laptop, they decide to find out what they can about Natalia.

Billy returns to the office to find Victor reading confidential files. Then why the hell leave it out here for anyone to read? Victor points his finger at Billy to demand to know who poisoned the face masks.

Since Jack and Ashley don’t believe that Dina’s with Graham of her own free will, he invites them over to ask her. Dina’s furious – you know how much I despise him. Don’t you dare touch me! she yanks her arm out of Jack’s hand and huffs off. Sorry about this, Graham tried to warn them. As he follows Dina’s path, Jack and Ashley are left to look stunned.

Victor agrees with Billy that Jack might be behind this. Yes, he’s going after him and Jabot – are you going to stop me? No, Billy’s going to help Victor.

Jack assumes Dina’s been brainwashed. Ashley’s not so sure – perhaps we should go home. Jack’s not ready to give up yet.

Seated at the club, Mike lightens the mood with Lauren – would any woman be good enough for Scott? Lauren admits he has a point but just wants her son to have a happy life. What if he’s charged with murder? What if he’s found guilty?

On the laptop, Scott and Sharon are perusing Natalia’s online ads. Hitting dead ends, Scott might need to access the dark side of the web. He then finds a new site – it’s connected to a phone app. Design Date. Isn’t that…. ? Funded by Newman Enterprises. Created by Zack – who’s Abby’s boyfriend.

Joined at the lips, Abby’s eyes are closed in passion while Zack’s are open; his look cold and calculating.

Next: Mattie (with Charlie) confronts Cane; Of course you have nothing to say. You weren’t even going to tell us you were living with her, were you? … Welcome to Florida, Jack gloats to Graham – Here, you have nothing to say about my Mother’s decisions … Scott confronts Zack – I think you know a helluva lot about what happened that night. You set me up.

My Thoughts: Is this where we’re at? Victor says that ‘social media’ will have a ‘field day with this’. Has he forgotten that there are other forms of media that are more much more powerful than a bunch of facebook memes? … Are Scott and Sharon out of their minds? Why are they browsing escort ads on a large-screen laptop in the middle of a coffee shop? Do they expect no one to notice? Will Scott at least seek privacy to access the ‘dark web’? … Are BnS products ONLY sold at Fenmore’s? Why aren’t any other vendors marching into BnS headquarters to complain in person? What’s Lauren ‘supposed to do about this’? Nothing. It’s not her job to issue a statement. Just pull BnS’s poisonous products and give Jack the shelf space he wanted (or any of the other hundreds of cosmetic companies) … So Victor’s going after Jack and Jabot even though he only ‘thinks’ Jack sabotaged the face masks? Shouldn’t he be offering his almighty resources to find out for sure, then bring Jack and Jabot down legally? Why doesn’t anyone consider the many conflicts within the Abbott-Winters Foundation? Nick donated his entire trust fund to his sister’s competition/enemy, Jack. Neil has just loaned a ton of money to BnS, his partner’s enemy (even though it’s the HWG, not the foundation) I’d be checking the Foundation’s tax returns very carefully… Oh Abby. Maybe you shouldn’t have gone so long without a man in your bed (or on your sofa) Is there any doubt she’ll get pregnant?