Friday, October 27th

As Vikki tosses and turns in her hospital bed, Billy’s at BnS still doing damage control on the phone.

In Florida, Jack and Ashley are deciding what to do when Dina reappears. This time she’s delighted by the visit – did you sleep well?

At CL’s, Scott’s sure that Design Date is a front for the sex ring; Zack killed Natalia and framed him. Sharon thinks they should go to Paul. It’s not that simple (Scott watches Zack and Abby kiss on the patio)

Vikki awakens to call out for Billy then her Dad. Monitors beep as she removes everything attached to her arm and collects her clothes from the closet.

At the Ashby home, Cane’s chatting with Charlie when Mattie comes out to announce that she picked up his phone in the den and saw a text from Juliet (wondering how to connect to wifi at the Chancellor house) You weren’t even going to tell us that you’re living with her, were you??

Scott stops Sharon from going to the patio to confront Zack (and inform Abby who she’s involved with) He won’t get away – you won’t lose me, he gives his word.

On the patio, Abby and Zack are both happy he didn’t leave town.

Billy ends yet another call when Vikki arrives at BnS. He’s not happy that she left against medical advice. The media smells blood, he then shares his theory that Jack sabotaged the masks.

In the hotel restaurant, a cheerful Dina blames her mood yesterday on it being a long day – forgive me if I was ‘out of sorts’. She doesn’t see the problem with her leaving GC with Graham – I count on him. Mentioning Ashley’s award, Dina leaves her and Jack to realize that she doesn’t remember anything after that.

Cane sits the twins down to explain that Juliet’s staying with him ‘platonically’ because of complications in the pregnancy. Yes, Mom knows – he was just looking for the right time to tell the kids. Determined to make this work, Cane leaves Charlie to suggest Mattie cut him some slack.

Billy’s now convinced Vikki that Jack and Gloria sabotaged their most promising product. She worries they’ll also come after them for corporate espionage. Billy adds that Victor also blames Jack. Now they just have to figure out what to do about it.

Back at CL’s, Scott and Sharon discuss Halloween; CL’s is hosting a party and it’s time Faith meet the man in her life. Kids don’t like me, Scott admits they scare him a bit. Abby then comes in (with Zack) to chide Scott for not being at work (where gossip is spreading about him and a prostitute at a motel)