Thursday, October 26th

At BnS, Billy orders a tech to do tests on the mask then does damage control by phone and video conference; no, there’s no problem with any of BnS’s products, he repeats over and over the rips out his earpiece to lay down. Lauran marches in – have you seen this? The online headline states that BnS’s CEO was poisoned by its own product.

Mariah arrives at CL’s as Sharon’s leaving a message for Scott. Hearing that her Mom’s worried because she last saw him covered in blood in Paul’s office, Mariah wonders if he got into a fight. How much do you know about this guy? Things did get serious pretty fast.

In an interrogation room (sporting an orange jumpsuit) Scott relives waking up next to a dead hooker and looks sheepish when Mike arrives.

At the tackhouse, Abby comes down wearing a robe and a foul mood. When Zack rings the doorbell, she opens then slams the door in his face.

Jack and Ashley are astounded at the sight of Dina chatting animatedly over drinks with Graham. We came a long way to save someone who doesn’t look like she wants to be saved.

Seated and still spying, Jack and Ashley debate whether or not it’s good to see Dina behaving like her old self. They need to get her alone.

The masks are toxic!? What’s Lauren supposed to do about this?! Billy suggests releasing a statement that the masks aren’t on the shelves yet, Fenmore’s customers have nothing to be concerned about. BnS’s other products are perfectly safe. Lauren then feels guilty for worrying about business and is so sorry to hear that Vikki’s sick.

So, you woke up next to a murdered hooker – Mike needs Scott to start talking. Alas, Scott can’t remember anything after seeing Natalia leave Underground. Next thing he wakes up in an unfamiliar room, next to an unfamiliar body. What they did to Natalia – she’s dead because of me, he chokes up. But NO! I didn’t kill her. Mike’s skeptical – did you pay for her services? Tell me everything. Scott assumes someone in the sex ring knew he was on to them. It’s my fault. It’s my fault. Mike issues a warning – don’t ever say that to anyone else. He’s sorry about Natalia but his one job is to defend Scott (who won’t receive a ‘get out of jail’ card because they’re all friends) Scott’s now even more determined to publish his expose – even if it’s from behind bars.

Mariah and Sharon continue to debate Scott. Perhaps all the things he’s seen and experienced have caused him to ‘lose it’, Mariah’s just throwin’ it out there.