Wednesday, October 25th

In the motel room, Scott gets out of the bed (with Natalia’s dead body) pulls his shirt off, puts out the do not disturb sign and leaves a message for Victor – I need your help right away.

At GCM, Billy follows Vikki’s gurney as far as he’s allowed then turns to be faced with an accusing Victor, Nick and Nikki – all wondering what happened.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack’s got a jet waiting to take him to Florida (where Paul traced Dina and Graham to) He’ll stop at nothing to bring his Mother home. Ashley insists on going – you’re stuck with me. OK, let’s go, Jack leads the way.

Back at the motel, Scott’s now got his pants on and leaves another message for Victor. Sharon’s call ignored, she leaves a ‘call me back’ message. At GCM, Victor ignores Scott’s call.

When Billy asks for info from the doctor, Victor steps in – his name is on a wing at this hospital – any updates are to come to him. Victor’s surprised to hear about the car accident and Vikki’s recent concussion (at Nikki’s benefit)

Picking up food at CL’s, Abby tells Sharon that Vikki’s at GCM. There is something you can do – tell your boyfriend to get to work. Sharon doesn’t know where Scott is. We need him today, Abby insists and exits.

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Back in the waiting room, Victor’s annoyed when he answers Scott’s call. I woke up covered in blood at a motel, next to a dead prostitute, Scott explains.

Scott’s sorry to hear about Vikki but Natalia’s not walking out of here – someone set me up. I need to make this go away. He knows Victor has the power to make this go away. No, he can’t call Mike. Leave it to me, Victor tells Scott to stay put – don’t call me again today. Grateful, Scott hangs up. Victor gets on his phone – I hate to make this call, he says.

Abby brings Billy, Nick and Nikki breakfast and jokes when Victor rejoins the group. Hearing Vikki’s condition may be related to an incident the night of Nikki’s benefit, Abby blames herself. Billy thinks it more likely caused by the accident. Just stop it, Abby huffs as all start to bicker.

Open up, it’s the police! Paul and some cops bust into the motel room. This is a mistake, Scott claims. This is much more than a mistake, Paul eyes Natalia’s body and orders the cops to take Scott to the station. Victor Newman called this in, he adds

Abby gives a speech about putting issues aside to focus on Vikki (which all agree to) Dad’s not the enemy. Billy invites all to take it out on him and reminds that everyone here has lost a child.