Friday, November 17th

You’re being paranoid and scaring me, Abby insists Scott means nothing to her. Don’t lie to me! Zack waves the gun around – you’re no better than the girls on my payroll. You cheated. Say goodbye, lovers. A gun is fired. As Zack falls, we see Crystal briefly in the open motel door before she runs off.

Mariah flips the ‘open’ sign over. She’ll help at CL’s for a bit before going to the station. Checking her phone every few seconds, Sharon gets a call from Paul – you need to get to my office – now.

Ashley comes down to see that Jack never made it to bed last night (Mother’s sleeping) Jack called the neurologist and Dr Burgh – our Mother has Alzheimer’s. Hard to believe given the kind of woman she is. Both would give anything to shield her. Suddenly remembering that Ashley’s dealing with her own stress, Jack’s sure Abby will be found soon. On cue, Ashley then gets a call from Paul (she’s also to get to his office)

Is it bad news!? When Sharon runs into the station, Paul sends her into his office – where she finds Abby, Mike, Lauren and Scott (who goes from his Mother’s arms to hers; which neither Lauren or Abby like much) Paul updates that Zack’s dead – there’s an APB out on Crystal. Sounding like the defense attorney he is, Mike’s told that he’ll have to ask the DA about any charges. Lauren then gives Scott, and Sharon a scolding. Ashley and Victor race in to hug Abby. Lauren and Sharon then lecture Paul for charging Scott (though he has no hard feelings) Sharon and Lauren won’t call a truce though. Abby’s also lectured and again hugs her Dad.

Ashley asks Abby to come stay with her at Jack’s for a while. Abby declines but will stop by for a visit. Now, she has to get to the office to do damage control with Dad – alone.

When Sharon comes back to CL’s, Mariah informs that she just told Devon that she’s spending Thanksgiving with her. You used me as an excuse to blow off Thanksgiving with Devon, Sharon concludes but has something more important to talk about.

Scott and Abby are alone for 2 seconds before Victor walks into Paul’s office to thank Scott. She’s the one who looked after me, Scott corrects. Victor then sends Abby to the car so he can tell Paul that he and NE had nothing to do with this sex ring. It’s bad for my business and reputation. Kindly talk to Chris.

On the patio, Sharon updates Mariah. Crystal was pushed to the edge and would never feel safe as long as Zack was alive. Hearing Tessa’s on her way, Mariah makes for the door. Sharon stops her.

In Victor’s office, Abby still believes that Zack loved her – he looked into my soul as he died. Victor offers a hug.

When Neil shows up, Jack pretends to have a cold and gets rid of him as Ashley comes home. We can’t hide this forever, she tells her brother.