Tuesday, November 21st

Hello?? Nikki drops by the ranch followed by Nick pushing a stroller – he’s just there to see the people he wants to see. Victor’s always happy to see his grandson but is about to ask Nick and Nikki to leave when Faith sprints over all excited to see her Dad and Grandma.

Over wine at the club’s bar, Phyllis gives Hilary a turn to vent – so much for staying on the Newman’s good side. Hilary didn’t go looking for dirt but she had to report on the dating app. Hearing that Devon and Mariah broke up, Phyllis suddenly spots and calls over a depressed Ravi who relays his humiliation in front of the Abbott’s. Including Billy? Phyllis can’t help but ask. Telling Ravi not to give up on Ashley, Phyllis knows – the heart wants what the heart wants.

All gang up on Ashley for sending Ravi away (except Jack – who knows she has her reasons) Abby arrives to say going to the ranch was a mistake and when Dina goes up to rest before dinner, Billy notices Jack and Ashley exchanging a look.

Pleased to see her Mom and brother, Vikki thinks it a surprise – maybe a good step in the right direction. Nick then makes a big show of saying what he’s thankful for – his kids and the incredible Chelsea. I don’t deserve you sometimes. Nikki gives Victor a look.

Perched beside her Dad, Faith’s sent off to the kitchen for seconds – with Reed going to make sure she doesn’t have thirds. Nikki’s left to ask Vikki where Victor went. Maybe he needed a break from seeing Nick and I enjoying ourselves under his roof. If Dad didn’t want you both here he’d have found a way to get rid of you, Vikki’s sure. Across the room Nick apologizes to Chelsea – he regrets hurting her. I love you. Chelsea apologizes too – she should have realized Nick was devastated about losing his club. The pair kiss and decide to go out for a nightcap.

Jack and Ashley tell Abby, Billy and Traci that Dina’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. They just found out the other day but Dina was diagnosed a year ago. Her memory lapses have already started. She’ll be around for a long time, Ashley reassures a worried Abby. When Jack vows to give Dina a good quality of life, she returns to assume correctly that Jack’s announced that she has Alzheimer’s – I may be losing my marbles but I’m not dying. Now, is dinner ready yet? All laugh.

Tessa heard about the stabbing. Is Nikki OK? Yes, but Nikki wishes Tessa had told her about Crystal. I’m always here to help you. Tessa, Noah and Faith then say their goodbyes. Reed goes to pack the kids up. Talk to you tomorrow, Vikki leaves Victor alone with Nikki (sitting waaaaaay across the room)

At the club with Nick, Chelsea makes a beeline over to the trio of misfits to warn Ravi to beware of Hilary (who offers to have her on the show to clear her name) Refusing to leave, Chelsea takes a seat beside Ravi. She and Nick are surprised to hear that Billy moved into the apartment next door to Phyllis. He’s a pain in my backside, she grumbles. On cue, Billy appears to do a double take on Phyllis’ new hairdo. He just came for a nightcap.