Tuesday, November 21st

Dina doesn’t want Jack to watch her like a hawk. Isn’t this relaxing? The Abbotts force smiles. Sure is, Ashley lies.

Back at the club, Billy wants the odd little group to set aside their differences – we should enjoy life while we can. Let’s get out of this stuffy club and go do something epic.

Billy’s epic idea? Fly the Jabot jet to New Orleans. Yeah, now. Nick doesn’t want to sound like a wet blanket but is that the best place to go given Billy’s gambling and drinking issues? We’ve got jobs, kids, Chelsea adds. Ravi’s calling it a night; Ashley expects him at the office tomorrow. Hilary too. That leaves Billy to sweet talk Phyllis. You expect me to run away with you spur of the moment? she plays hard to get for a nanosecond. Hell yeah, now THAT’S my boyfriend. Nick and Chelsea watch as they kiss.

Show yourself out, Victor dismisses Nikki (who quickly obeys but pauses to look sad and lonely on her way out) Only when the door closes does Victor look towards it looking equally bereft.

The Abbotts are reciting what they’re thankful for. Jack’s grateful for everyone there and those who couldn’t be with us today – and for his Mother; we don’t know what’s to come but we will all be there for you; to love and protect you. That’s what family does. Jack surprises all by announcing that he’s taking a leave of absence from Jabot to take care of his Mother.

You’re hard to live with, even harder to live without, Phyllis says as she and Billy kiss and exchange ‘I love you’s’. Nick and Chelsea come out the revolving door to ask if there’s room for them on the trip to New Orleans. Yes – this’ll be a weekend none of us will forget, the foursome head off.

Next: a ‘classic’ (repeat) of what appears to be last year’s Thanksgiving. Billy and Phyllis dishing out food at CL’s while Cane’s in a cast and drooling over a bottle of painkillers.