Monday, November 20th

At CL’s, Sharon and Mariah are watching the start of Hilary’s mysterious live show. Who knows what she’s cooking up for ratings this time.

Nikki and Vikki are lunching at the club. Nikki declines Vikki’s invite to the Newman family dinner – but she won’t be spending the holiday alone, she’ll be at Jack’s. Hopefully, Dina’s not carving the turkey (or her guests) Nikki jokes.

Their Mother resting upstairs, Jack and Ashley share some childhood memories and mope about having to tell Dina that life as she knows it is over.

Back at the club, Nikki chides her daughter for being busy on her phone. On her way out, Vikki’s ambushed by Hilary and her cameraman. Hilary blathers on about the sex ring scandal and NE’s assets being frozen. Vikki assures her that NE is just fine and ‘the deceased’ was not an employee.

Closing the laptop, Mariah thinks it time for a career change then goes to serve customers so Sharon can chat with Scott. It must have been awful being locked in that room, she sympathizes. On cue, Abby appears for an awkward moment of silence.

Jack and Ashley continue to debate when and how to tell Dina that she has Alzheimer’s. Jack wants to tell her ‘in stages’. Ashley agrees it’ll be terrifying but Dina needs to be told – by us.

Abby snaps at Scott and tells Sharon she’ll wait for her coffee at a table. Mariah and Scott chat. He understands that Tessa would rather Crystal stay on the run to avoid an interrogation and any charges. When Sharon brings out Abby’s coffee she also gets an apology. Scott comes over to suggest Abby take the day off. Nope – Abby has a score to settle.

When Vikki declares the interview over, Hilary understands – walk away before you collapse. Having more important things to do, Vikki exits. Hilary tells her viewers to stay tuned and sends her cameraman on a break before they find something else of interest (the cameraman seems to find nothing at the club interesting) On her way out, Nikki chides Hilary for using the Newman name. You walked out on your marriage but cling to the name like a bottle of vodka, Hilary challenges Nikki to go live on camera. Pointing out Jordan at the bar, Nikki leaves Hilary to put her cameraman back in action.

As Ashley and Jack debate how to handle their Mother, Nikki drops by. It’s not a good time, Ashley opens the door to say. It never is a good time for what we have to deal with, Nikki remarks. Which is? Ashley asks. Dina, Nikki responds.

Seated at the club with Tessa, Devon takes a quick call and says ‘you won’t believe this’.

Mariah still helping out at CL’s, Sharon knows she’s postponing her talk with Devon and preaches honesty. Mariah struggles – he’s such a nice guy. Which is why he deserves to know the truth, Sharon insists. With a sigh, Mariah promises she’ll talk to Devon today. Giving Mariah a gentle shove out the door, Sharon joins Scott as he’s working on his story. OK, she’ll give him one hour – then it’s massage time. Getting a summons to the office, Scott must go see his new boss ~kiss~