Tuesday, November 21st

At the head of his festively decorated table, Victor addresses his guests; Tessa, Noah, Abby on one side, Vikki, Reed, Faith and Chelsea on the other. He touches upon the hard times that have made him value his family all the more. Let us give thanks and pause to remember those less fortunate. As all clink glasses, Faith pouts and Chelsea follows her sad look towards the empty seat both wish Nick were sitting in.

Nikki drops by the penthouse with some flowers for Nick’s dinner table and is surprised to hear that Chelsea and Connor are at Dad’s; Christian’s sleeping while Nick watches football. Just the two of you, she proves her math skills. Three now that you’re here, Nick is equally good at math.

Struggling to shove her frozen dinner in the over, Phyllis lies to Summer on the phone – yes, I have plans. I love you ~click~ She turns her music up and shouts at Billy (assuming he’s next door)

Billy arrives at Jack’s with a pie and a hug for Traci and Ashley. Dad’s smiling down on all of us. Jack’s determined to make this the best Thanksgiving – especially for his Mother. Because you all think it’s my last, Dina appears at the bottom of the stairs to shock them all.

As the wait staff mill about and guests stretch their legs, Chelsea goes to check on Connor and the other kids. Victor’s left to apologize to Faith – I’ve missed you so much. I hope we can get over ‘this’. I missed you too Grandpa, Faith smiles. Aside, Abby talks to Tessa and Noah – she and Scott will help Crystal when and if she turns up. Victor and Vikki quietly discuss what they had to do for the sake of NE; Abby will understand. Vikki knows they need to stick with the plan; her experience is replacing unproven executives and failed experiments. Excuse me? Abby glares – did you just call me a failed experiment?! Well now, Victor declares – dinner is served.

As Ashley and Jack are wondering when to drop the ‘A’ bomb on Traci and Billy, Dina goes up to fetch her glasses. Jack’s about to let them in on Dina’s diagnosis when the doorbell rings; Ravi.

Nick admits that he and Chelsea are fighting but doesn’t want to talk about it. Nikki’s concerned for her grandchildren. That blurb on TV? It’s nothing – Chelsea’s been upfront about her past, she admonishes Nick. Hearing that the insurance suspects he set the fire at Underground, she thinks Nick might be taking things out on Chelsea that aren’t her fault. She then confides her own woes; Jack practically threw me out of his house. She’s hurt not to be spending Thanksgiving with her friends and family but won’t give up yet.

After dinner, Abby again confronts Vikki for backstabbing her. When Chelsea and Victor attempt to referee, Abby apologizes to Reed and Faith then storms out.

Hilary’s brought her good friend Phyllis to the club to show off her new ‘do’ and give her something to do besides pine over Billy.

The Abbott’s are puzzled as to why Ravi’s dropped by. The family discreetly leaving, Ashley apologizes – but makes it clear that she didn’t invite him. After Ravi leaves his pie and leaves with his tail between his legs, Dina appears to wonder why Ashley would you send that wonderful man away – you’ve never known what’s good for you!

As Vikki takes a turn checking on the kids and Reed and Tessa take Faith off, Noah chats with Chelsea; he knows his Dad’s pissed – but he’d just found out he’s suspected of arson when we saw your photo on TV. It’s the past – you both need to let it go, he advises. Chelsea has but isn’t sure Nick can.