Friday, November 24th

Nick tells Paul that the club was closed Halloween night – he went for a drink and left – nothing was out of place and he didn’t know the kids were there. Maybe they knocked over an oil lamp after I left. Left the second time, Paul relays that the kids heard someone come in. No, Nick was at home; Chelsea can confirm it – we need to find out who was there.

Nikki now understands; you look awful and should take the day off. Jack’s taking more time off than that. When Nikki assumes that Dina will have home care, Jack claims he’ll look after his Mother himself. It’s more than ‘intention’ it’s a plan he’s committed to. Nikki warns Jack that it’s impossible for him to care for Dina himself. Jack is determined to do the right thing. He can’t abandon his Mother. Nikki’s only concerned about Jack and is offering to help. Declining and clarifying, Jack thinks it time they step away from each other. I have to do this, for me. This is MY choice. In tears, Nikki doesn’t want another goodbye hug. She respects Jack’s decision but will miss him.

Nick suspects his Dad. Paul is doubtful but won’t rule Victor out. Here’s a box of bagged and tagged evidence to go through. Nick picks up a singed photo. Any idea who that is? Paul asks. That’s Brent Davis, Dina’s ex-lover, Victor comes out to say. Mike arrives to take Victor back into Paul’s office to give Chris some more attitude. Yes, Victor had Zack vetted but his people must have missed that he ran massage parlours in Chicago. He scoffs at the idea of knowing Design Date was a front for a sex ring. Chris finds that hard to believe. After what he did to Jack/Phyllis/Marco, Chris wouldn’t put this past Victor.

Jack’s at home to announce that he’s taking time off to spend with his Mother. Dina scoffs at the idea that she needs a babysitter but loses her train of thought then tells him not to hover over her – go spend time with your lovely wife, Patty. We’ve been divorced for years, Jack reminds. In a huff, Dina goes to make her own tea. Nick arrives to talk to show Jack the photo (which he’s taken a photo of) Any idea how this ended up in my bar the night of the fire?

Yes, this is Brent Davis – but Jack has no idea why it would be at the club. No, you can’t speak to my Mother. Nick’s insistent – I’m being accused of arson and looking for answers. Reminding Jack that his Mother stuck a knife in his Mom, Nick will leave but won’t drop it – something more’s going on here. Closing the door, Jack looks worried.

Billy’s back to pick Phyllis up from work. He didn’t exactly go looking for a job; he lunched at Top of the Tower and decided he didn’t want another corporate gig. Phyllis complains that Jack left her to field questions – all she could think about was Billy (who’s now hot because he ‘lives on the edge’) Getting onto the elevator, they kiss.

Back in Paul’s office, Chris grills Victor. No, he didn’t meet Natalia or have sex with any of Zack’s girls. You’re still pissed that I didn’t go to prison, he suspects. Chris is indignant; these women were victimized; when will you take this seriously? When you have some evidence? Mike interjects. Hinting that he’s untouchable, Victor boasts about going hunting with Chris’ bosses. She knows all about his trip with ‘the old boys club’ – but she has friends in high places too – and they want her to investigate this fully.