Friday, November 24th

In his office, Jack tasks Gloria (by phone) with arranging a meeting with all department heads to discuss ‘the transition’.

At the club, Nikki reads Jack’s ‘please call me’ text through narrowed eyes. Across the room, Mike asks Victor if he’s going to speak to ‘her’. Who? Victor turns to look towards Nikki’s table. Chris arrives with a couple of federal agents; come with us – we have some questions, she orders.

Walking into CL’s, Nick, Chelsea, and Phyllis are all wearing dark glasses – Billy’s the only one chipper and not hungover. Nick hasn’t gotten that wild or crazy since…. uh. Both ladies look awkward as Billy continues to grin.

Paul asks an officer to bring him the evidence from the fire at Underground – then flips through a file stating the conclusion; ‘arson’.

Is this absolutely necessary? Mike scolds Chris for accosting his client in public. I’ll meet you at the station, he tells Victor he needs to make a few calls to rearrange his schedule. When the press arrives with cameras, Victor announces that he’d be happy to clear his good name of false allegations. Taking a long look back at Nikki, Victor exits with his entourage.

Nick seems to feel guilty about their spontaneous trip – do I sound old? Billy was so …wreckless – do I sound boring AND old now? Chelsea chuckles – she loves how practical and grounded Nick is. I have to get to work, she immediately feels bad that Nick doesn’t have work to get to. He’ll drop by the station to talk to Paul about the investigation ~kiss~

We’ve gone up and down three times already, Phyllis shoves a frisky Billy off the elevator. Jack comes out to find them making out on Gloria’s desk. He doesn’t need any details on them kissing and making up. Check your email, Jack leaves Phyllis scowling at her phone – what the hell!?

Victor’s not going into Paul’s office without his attorney. You sound like a man with something to hide, Chris observes. And you sound like a woman who doesn’t give a damn about due process and truth, Victor counters – and is left to stroll into Paul’s office anyway. What are you doing here? Nick appears. Griping about Chris, Victor’s sure he’ll be back at work tomorrow – unless the place has mysteriously burnt down. When Paul arrives, it quickly becomes apparent that something’s wrong.

Reading aloud from her phone, Phyllis is stunned that Ashley is now Jabot’s CEO. Jack returns to explain that he’s taking time off to be with his Mother. Phyllis gives this whole ‘Mommy and me thing’ 2 weeks tops. Jack’s left to thank Billy for keeping the family secret (and hopes he continues to do so) Nikki arrives – I got your text. This better be good, she purses her lips at Jack.

Speaking from experience and knowing Nick’s innocent, Victor warns that the insurance company will try to blame him anyway – isn’t that right, Paul? Yes, Paul agrees without enthusiasm and takes Nick out to say that forensics is a tricky science and then there’s motive. He’s trying to take Underground from me, Nick then blurts out that he told Chelsea he’d rather burn the place down than let Victor take over. Did you? Paul asks. What do YOU think? Nick huffs.

In his office, Jack apologizes to Nikki – who didn’t expect him to dismiss her the way he did. She apologizes for what she said about Dina. Near tears, Jack doesn’t want this to get out. You can tell me, Nikki caresses his cheek. My Mother has Alzheimer’s, Jack admits. Meanwhile, at home, Dina looks very scared and confused.