Monday, November 27th

At the ranch, Vikki declines a drink. Victor will toast (alone) to destroying anyone who’s trying to destroy NE. He then tells Vikki that the gun used to kill Zack belonged to a Newman.

On the CL’s patio, Paul hasn’t asked Nikki to meet him to discuss Dina, but to let her know that per ballistics it was her gun that killed Zack.

Inside the coffee house, Tessa worries that Crystal will be arrested and charged with Zack’s murder. She’s the reason Abby and I are alive, and Scott will remind Paul daily if need be. As for his story, he no longer has a platform to publish it on – thanks to Vikki.

At NE, Lily asks Abby why the Hashtag site is down and praises her for the way she’s handled all she went through that night. Abby appreciates the support – everyone else thinks her an idiot for being fooled by Zack (thanks to Vikki’s press conference)

Hilary calls Jack in a bid to get Dina to do an interview – a feel-good story updating on what she’s been up to since selling Mergeron. Jack doesn’t think so and hurries off the phone saying he’s got to take another call.

At home, Mariah updates Sharon that she and Devon have decided to be friends. I’m fine, she lies. I don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend but won’t be a walking pity party. Sharon’s sure the right person will come along. Look at me and Scott.

Back at NE, Lily is trying to give Vikki the benefit of the doubt. Abby reminds that it was Vikki’s decision to demote Lily. She blames me for not seeing through Zack while SHE didn’t know what was going on at BnS (with Billy, Cane and Juliet) Lily admits that Vikki seems a bit different now that she’s at NE; more like Victor.

With Nikki’s gun being used to kill Zack, it’ll be harder to distance NE from this scandal, Victor knows. Vikki thinks their story should be that Abby shot Zack – who could blame her? The press would be sympathetic. Victor doubts Abby will agree to go along with Vikki’s plan.

Tessa’s sorry to hear that Hashtag no longer exists. Scott’s sorry he can’t publish Crystal’s story. Your sister killed a ‘bad guy’ he encourages a worried Tessa (who looks out to the patio)

Nikki has no idea how a gun registered in her name ended up in a seedy motel. Slap the cuffs on me, she mocks Paul’s theory that she took a gun to the event at Top of the Tower (though given what happened with Dina maybe she should have) Victor doesn’t know what happened to the gun either; Paul knows someone’s lying.

Mariah doesn’t expect her Mom to understand; I put my heart out there and got shot down. Sharon knows all about that. Yes, she and Scott are solid but she confides that he’s been a bit different since being kidnapped. That’s just the trauma, Mariah’s sure.

Arriving at NE, Victor and Vikki take Abby into the office to update that Paul’s trying to make a case against NE/the Newman’s. To maintain our reputation, Abby’s to read, word for word the statement that Vikki’s already written up for her at a press conference – today. Abby does NOT look thrilled.

If these accusations continue, ‘we’re going to have a problem’, Nikki’s annoyed and defensive when asked to explain why she even has a gun. And when Nikki adds that the victim’s no loss to society, Paul warns her not to endorse vigilantism in public. Reminded that she shot her Father, Nikki makes no apologies for killing that sicko who preyed on girls. I have no idea who stole that gun (she looks inside at Tessa) Since the gun wasn’t reported stolen, Paul warns that the investigation may focus on her and Victor. After he leaves, Nikki makes a beeline inside to confront Tessa. She and Chief Williams are done – you and I are just getting started.