Friday, November 24th

At the club, Chelsea’s skeptical that Dina’s an arsonist. Jack was very defensive but Nick admits he’s not working on all cylinders after their weekend away. I could close my eyes and sleep, Chelsea sinks against Nick’s shoulder. Phyllis and Billy arrive ready to party. Handing over drinks, they toast to their ‘partners in crime’. That thing that happened in New Orleans will never happen again, Nick says as they all clink glasses in agreement.

Jack asks Dina if she recalls going out Halloween night – maybe to Underground? Nick Newman owns in – they had a fire. No, it doesn’t sound familiar to Dina. Jack presses – an album was missing from the stereo that night – then it reappeared; To The Moon And Back. Dina stammers – I don’t know for sure. You don’t remember anything about a fire? Putting the record on, Jack asks if Dina kept a photo of Brent. Tearing up, Dina just wanted the pain to end for Ashley. Jack understands. I was there that night – could I have caused that fire? What is happening to me? Dina sobs in Jack’s arms.

Victor and Mike both think Chris’ time is up – we’re done. Paul appears – not so fast. This is the weapon that was found at the scene of Zack’s murder. It belongs to a Newman.

Next: Jordan – I left something for you to remember me by. What does that mean? Hilary asks. Stay tuned, Jordan gloats…. So this is the stand you think the company should take, Victor asks. Of course, Vikki looks sure. I don’t think Abby will see it that way, Victor shakes his head … I didn’t want to interrupt you and Chief Williams, Tessa forces a nervous smile. He and I were done – you and I are just getting started, Nikki looks angry.

My Thoughts: What’s wrong with Nikki’s eyes today? She can barely keep them open – like her fake eyelashes are preventing her from opening her eyes…. Oh! Eeeeuw. I’m not sure I wanted to know that Nick and Chelsea did some swapping with Billy and Phyllis. That explains the awkward looks at the mention of what a great weekend they all had – and Billy’s ear to ear grin. Odd that Phyllis would be OK with sharing her man. She’s not exactly the most secure woman ever. Let’s just hope there’s no resulting pregnancy – and that Jabot’s private jet is steam cleaned before Jack’s next business trip …. Why would Billy go to Top of The Tower for Lunch? And why is Phyllis fielding calls for Jabot’s CEO? She works for Fenmore’s – supposedly doing virtual dressing room apps (or something equally lame) … Now that Jack knows that his Mother likely torched Underground, will he keep that information to himself or share it? …. Why would Paul let Nick, a suspect, go through a box of evidence? This could easily get him fired.