Friday, December 1st

It’s Christmas at the ranch and Victor, Reed and Vikki admire the roaring fire and decorations.

Sharon’s place also decorated, Faith runs down eager to get to her Grandpa’s party. There’s something I want to talk about when I get back, Sharon says. Scott has something to talk to her about also.

At CL’s, Mattie joins her Mom and brother when Cane calls to tell Lily that Sam’s scheduled for surgery in a few hours. I need your help.

On the CL’s patio, Nikki can’t believe that Abby plans to give her Father an ultimatum before returning to NE. Think about what you’d be giving up. Good luck, honey, Nikki leaves Abby with something to think about.

Noah’s at the penthouse to comment unfavorably on Nick’s eggnog and tree decorations. When Chelsea brings an all dolled-up Tessa down, the couples laugh and dance.

Coming in place of Neil, Devon’s at the ranch – and has brought Tasha; the company photographer. Victor looks forward to some candid shots.

Victor explains to Abby that the photographer is there to take some damage control photos. He mentions Vikki graciously asking her to come back to NE. Sharon brings Faith and her string of popcorn to the ranch. Victor invites her to stay, and Scott – he’s part of the family. Abby squirms.

Tessa and Nick would rather stay at the penthouse (way more fun than Victor’s party) Chelsea and Noah think they should go to Victor’s. Refusing, Nick picks up Christian – what’s Victor going to do if we don’t go? He can’t take anything else away from me, Nick claims.

At CL’s, Mattie’s the only one who doesn’t feel empathy for the baby and her Mom shouldn’t have donated blood for Sam. She refuses to go to the hospital with Lily and Charlie but offers a ‘Tell Dad I’m thinking about him’. Now alone, Mattie picks up her phone.

Still at the penthouse party, Noah drools over Tessa. Lucky he’s not a jealous guy – men will be falling all over his hot girlfriend when she’s out on tour. Tessa can’t help but feel guilty and worry about where her sister is. As Nikki arrives, Tessa gets a text from Devon and Noah gets a summons from Vikki; the tree lighting is turning into a PR thing. They’re needed at the ranch.

At the ranch, Reed gets a text from Mattie – can you get away? Lying to his Mom that he spilled something on his sweater, he ducks out. Sharon then comes over to tell Vikki to lay off her boyfriend.