Monday, December 4th

Today’s spoiler was provided by my daughter Riley. I’m in sunny Florida for the week but will try to keep the spoilers coming on schedule.
Thanks Riley!! (I haven’t read the whole thing yet so we’ll all be spoiled together)

Filming for the Hilary Hour is running late as Hilary complains about Tessa, her guest, taking too long in hair and makeup. Devon shows up, alone to Hilary’s dismay. The question begs- where is Tessa?

At the sheriff’s office, Tessa is informed she is being investigated as an accomplice to murder.

Noah and Vikki meet in Newman headquarters before their meeting.

Ashley and Ravi rave about their server’s impressive trafficking from JabotGo. Ravi receives a suspicious e-mail invitation for the opening of the Top of the Tower bar.

Phyllis appears to have come down with a cold and phones her boss Lauren, calling in for work the next day. After she hangs up, she turns to Billy, who compliments her acting ability. The two celebrate their upcoming trip to New York hoping to “top the magic of Bourbon Street.”

Jack and his mother are admiring the Christmas ornaments when Nikki makes a surprise visit; certainly a shock to Dina.

Tessa pleads her case to Paul. She believes that Victor purposely tipped off the police after she had previously stolen a gun from his home. Paul is amused by this revelation. The two come to an understanding that Victor likes to play by his own rules.

Ravi runs into Noah on the top floor, where he presumes the Top of the Tower bar will be. Noah tells Ravi the “private members only” sector is downstairs, which contradicts the bar’s name. Ravi reluctantly follows Noah back into the elevator.

Devon tries to contact Tessa while the Buzz begins. Mariah is totally professional given the circumstance, while Hilary is a mess with the lack of a guest. Devon volunteers himself to be the special guest and walks onto set during filming.