Thursday, November 30th

At the club for Mimosas, Abby clinks Lily’s glass – quitting was the right thing to do. She’s now ‘fun-employed’ Yes, being kidnapped and locked in a storage unit was a nightmare It was horrible, every second of it, Abby lies.

At CL’s, Scott ends a call to tell Sharon that thanks to Abby’s press conference Newstime Now is sending Kerry Forest out to interview him. This’ll be great exposure for the story and Hashtag. He doubts Vikki will have a problem with it.

Nikki’s in Victor’s office for some bickering about whose fault it is that the Newman’s are connected to a murder. YOU wanted me to have the gun, she reminds.

Nick and Chelsea stand back to admire their first Christmas tree ~kiss~ Chelsea’s bought some new ornaments. Huh, these are…. not ‘great’, Nick’s unimpressed.

Coming downstairs, Ravi leaves the club before Abby sees him in yesterday’s clothes. Ashley goes over to the girls’ table to hear the shocking news that Abby quit so that Vikki couldn’t turn her into a corporate scapegoat.

On the patio, an awkward Vikki tells Cane that she’s sorry to hear about Juliet – this must be a bad time. Cane confides that his son’s medication isn’t working – he has to see a specialist about options. You don’t have to pretend you care about me and my son, he says without malice.

Declining a Mimosa, Ashley’s told to go online and watch the speech Abby read at yesterday’s press conference (prepared by Vikki) She and Dad want me to take the blame. Abby quit before being fired and is happy about it – their loss. Ashley agrees and leaves Abby to thank Lily for her support. Now, what’s going on with you? Lily saw Cane; he’s going to see a doctor about Sam’s heart problems. Abby thinks she should go along.

Vikki’s not pretending, she’s genuinely concerned and would like to help. Cane’s sorry – thanks. Reed and your twins were premature, Vikki reminds. Cane regrets being mad at Reed about the fire. None of it matters anymore. Vikki will hold a good thought for Cane and Sam.

Victor continues to grill Nikki – how did your gun end up being used in a homicide? Mentioning Abby bringing Zack to NE, Victor wants the authorities off his back and won’t let anyone tear down his legacy. Nikki gets up to close the office door.

Nick’s brought out a box of his old ornaments. He prefers traditional over modern. Chelsea thinks them an ‘affront to glamour’ – but is OK with his fake and dusty mistletoe.

Back at CL’s, Sharon opens a folder – this Kerry woman is so aggressive; I don’t know about this. Scott thinks it’ll be good publicity for Hashtag. Sharon worries she’s jealous of his big story and wants to take Scott down.

Hoping Victor appreciates her honesty, Nikki admits that she inadvertently gave Tessa the combination to the gun safe. She knows she let me down. Why did you come to my house on Thanksgiving? Did Jack Abbott cut you loose? Victor snaps. He’s all yours, Nikki tells Ashley as she exits. Ashley then slams the door and blasts Victor for pushing Abby out of her job.