YR Spoiler: Tuesday, December 5th

Thanks Riley! Not exactly a day ahead but much appreciated.

Nikki grabs her coat, storming towards the door. Kevin hastily follows, trying to explain himself but Nikki, pointing her finger threatens Kevin that if he ever does this again, she will go straight to Paul. Nikki is certain that Kevin isn’t just in it for the money, but because Victor has leverage over Kevin.

The Hilary Hour is up, and she credits herself for turning “Tessa” into a household name. Devon isn’t so content on the other hand, but his mood lightens when Hilary reveals how high the ratings were during his guest appearance. Hilary is so impressed with how popular Devon is among her viewers, so much so that she believes there is potential for a reality show in store for their relationship. Devon isn’t so fame hungry, rejecting her offer.

Mariah and Shanon share a heart to heart, talking about everything from Scott to Hilary’s narcissism.

Abby and Scott argue over journalistic integrity. Abby believes it’s their obligation to protect their jobs, while Scott vows to write honestly. Eventually, Scott agrees to cancel his follow up with Crystal and Zack. However, as they continue to bicker, the sexual tension follows. Abby goes on a rant about how ‘thankful’ she is that Scott is sacrificing his integrity, while Scott watches in amusement. They end up face to face, and as they lean in, Scott backs away and leaves, following his better judgement.