Wednesday, December 6th

Thanks to Meghan for today’s recap (which she somehow managed to watch while also watching twins!)

Hilary/Jack – She offered Jack the opportunity of promoting Jabot on her show in exchange for sponsorship. At the Abbott mansion Jack got a call that there was an intruder on the property. He called for Traci and Dina announced that the intruder was Hilary. Traci took her mom to another room. Jack apologized for Dina’s behavior. He said he would sponsor her show but she would have to clean it up. He called Gloria and told her to tell Ashley that Jabot was sponsoring the Hilary show.

Ashley/Jack – Ashley told Gloria to call Billy and Traci and tell them to come to Jabot. Ashley then called Abby. Ashley held a board of director’s meeting without Jack. She bad mouthed Jack and said he was not allowing her to do her job. As Ashley was asking for complete control Jack arrived. Jack adjourned the meeting and he and Ashley started fighting. Ashley said John would be appalled by Jack’s treatment of Billy. Jack responded John was his father not hers. Ashley was hurt and hurled insults at Jack. He in turn accused her of using Dina’s illness to further her ambitions. He ordered her out of his office and said Jabot would be sponsoring Hilary’s show. Jack had left Dina with Gloria and everyone panicked when she was not there. They found her in the lab. Ashley criticized Jack for the way he was looking after their mother. He said tomorrow was her turn.

Scott/Abby – He told Abby that even though he is with Sharon he wants to have sex with Abby again. Abby wondered if he was regretting committing to Sharon. Scott said he had feelings for Sharon and that he and Abby were not right for each other despite their sexual attraction. He told Abby he did not want Sharon to find out about them.

Billy/Phyllis – Billy bought a race horse for him and Phyllis. Phyllis thinks it is a ridiculous gift but she loved Billy’s impulsiveness. They have sex and afterwards Billy disclosed he only bought one end of the horse. The other end belongs to a friend with lots of money

Lauren/Phyllis – Lauren noted Phyllis’ absence and Gloria said things were falling apart without Jack. When Phyllis showed up at work Lauren told her she and Michael would take time off from work to be together. But now was not the time for Phyllis to be playing hooky given everything that was going on at Jabot.

Cane/Lily: Lily went to the hospital and Cane told her the baby was going to be okay

In the previews for Friday’s US Show:

Nick asked Victoria if the reason she wanted to take the helm at Newmans was to prove she was like Victor

Abby told Ashley that the last thing she wanted was Scott in her face

Scott told Sharon if she wanted him to be more like her ex it was not going to happen