Thursday, December 7th

Ashley warns that the situation with Jack will not be resolved anytime soon. Again, she asks for her support. The conversation turns to Dina, who Ashley believes will need full time professional care. Abby disagrees about putting her into a nursing home and thinks Jack is right in wanting to care for her in the comfort of her own home, surrounded by those she knows. Abby implies that maybe Jack leaving Dina was opportunity for Ashley to reconnect with her mother. Dina walks in, unphased that of course, Abby and Ashley are talking about her.

Cane texts Charlie and Mattie to join him at CL for hot chocolate.

Nick and Sharon post his signs around the bar, discussing why Chancellor Park needs to stay where it is. Sharon recommends he write down everything he says, incase he has to give a speech at some point. Scott joins walks over, wondering what the signs are for. Nick’s visibly annoyed. Does anyone other than Sharon like Scott? Sharon asks Scott to write a story about it but Scott says one person against the government never works out realistically. Nick fires back saying Scott’s not interested because he only finds interest exposing a sex-trafficking ring. With that, he leaves. Sharon leaves Scott, unimpressed with his lack of optimism.

Cane and Charlie meet. Cane wants an update on how Charlie’s doing.

Back at the bar, Scott tries to act as though he didn’t just dismiss Sharon’s idea for him to write about Nick’s protest, which he also turned down. Sharon sides with Nick, inferring that if it’s not thrilling or juicy enough, Scott will show a good cause no attention. Scott reminds Sharon that him helping the women in the trafficking case is fighting a fight, and was good. He tells her if she wants him to be more like her ex, it’s not going to happen. With that, she has nothing more to say and he leaves the bar.

Ashley asks Dina if she wants to go to the spa, or the movies. Sarcastically, Dina says that Ashley can buy her a child size popcorn and hold her hand during that scary parts of the movie. Instead, Dina says she would like to be treated like an adult. Preoccupied by her phone, Dina knows where Ashley’s priorities lie, and tells her to go to work. Ashley tosses her phone to the side, giving up work and Dina finally chuckles.

Sharon tells Mariah that Scott is not who she thought he was and explains the situation. Sharon doubts her feelings for Scott, regretting having him move in as she sees that they’re too completely opposite people. She keeps comparing Scott to Nick, but Mariah convinces her that what her and Scott have together is good.

At Newman Enterprises, Scott runs over to Abby asking if Nick is some paragon of virtue. Abby’s confused but is shocked that Sharon’s already figured out Scott’s a complete jerk. Scott asks Abby if she’s heard of Alco, and he learns that it’s a company created by Victor for real estate deals. She wishes him a good luck trying to convince Sharon that he’s not a jerk and waltzes away, eyes glued to her phone.

Scott shows back up to speak to Sharon, Mariah quickly leaving the two to talk. Scott apologizes. Scott tells Sharon what matters to her, matters to him and with that, he informs her about Victor’s involvement with Alco. Sharon is beaming, but Scott reminds her not to mention his name when she tells Scott, so he doesn’t get fired.

Sharon calls Nick immediately to tell him the news. Nick grabs his coat and heads out.

Dina and Ashley go ice skating, and the two go for lunch. Dina tells her the story of how she’s the first person to take Ashley skating. Ashley finds it ironic how her mother remembers that, but she does not.

Nick asks Vikki if she knew about Alco, and its plan to pave over Chancellor Park. Of course she did, but she sees it as a standard business move. Nick attacks her, asking if she came back to Newman to show everyone how she’s just as scary as her father.